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  1. Running Win7 Ult 64bit. In my "Quck Launch" toolbar, Speccy has the correct icon. (It's a shortcut to C:\Program Files\Speccy\Speccy64.exe) However, when I run Speccy, the icon shown in the taskbar is just generic. Here is what I mean: Now, if I "hover" over that generic Icon, then the hover image is correct: So... what's up with that? I tried uninstall/reinstall... but the generic icon in taskbar issue is replicateable. I hope you can add this to your "we'll get to it someday" list. Thanks! v.
  2. Simple request: Add an option to minimize to tray. Love the software, as I have 9 HD's in my Win7 home server, and Speccy can track system & drive temps. A tray icon that reflects system status would be appreciated: * GREEN (good), * YELLOW (warning(s)), and * RED (shut'er down, Clancy!!!) Thanks!
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