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  1. Tanks, but that's not the point. Plus, I defragged a lot of RAID 0 HDs with no problems. I want to know why for 2 years that Defraggle slows way down on any HD. RAID or not. It also use to just stop half way and never finish.
  2. I changed the paths in the pic below and it shows all in C:\ Plus, where is "Downloads" source folder?
  3. This I believe has been going on for 2 years since I had last reported it. And other people reported as well. I bought it now and some have bought it as well but fixing a problem that has been going on for 2 years and still no fix. I bought it... So are you going to exalate it or what. And why when you doing a "Securely erase" that you can't do anything else? I really don't see the reason that it will crash or mess up the program.
  4. I reported this before. Where it use to go an average the HD speed which is over 200MBs in RAID 0 and goes down 300kbs. Other drives in nonRAID average 100MBps goes down to 300KBps in less than 2 hours. You still haven't fixed the problem for I'm guessing the last report I made is from 2 years ago. And I've seen other people report this problem before. Also, I did benchmarks from 3 different drives from Defraggler and everything is fine. But after I enlarge the window the screen turns a pail white and the program just hangs. Buying this program is a mistake.
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