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  1. Andavari I am 83 yo and live in a city where my last job took me, Tempe, AZ. [within Phoenix, AZ]. Tempe is the cleanest, best run City I have ever lived in and I have traveled and lived in more than I have wanted to remember. I do not care for Arizona as it is a "cowboy" State like Texas and most of the West, backward and not progressive. But little Tempe is an exception. Law enforcement is the best, our City government is exemplary. Tempe is the home of ASU Univ and the AZ Cardinals and very progressive. Years ago, when Phoenix wanted to build more freeways, Tempe wanted Light Rail inst
  2. Why Europe is less "Handicap..." I fully understand. It was not a negative comment but “just the facts”. HOPEFULLY, the entire World will ‘evolve’ to the positive, eventually, for the poor, handicap, Races…. But Europe was built to last, America was not. WE are a "throw-away" society caused by Capitalism and greed that runs amuck. PROFITS can not be made unless one throws everything away when one gets "tired" of it and was never made to last. Our Capitalist thrives on built-in obsolescent. We are encouraged to buy "NEW things" This is why we have ‘new’, shiny things no "charm" like Euro
  3. ps, my last name is "Reeves", and the "Jagman" is an tag a Employee put on me because I LOVE XKE' Jaguar's and used to have a small collection of XKE's and also a 1956 Triumph TR3
  4. After retirement at 72 [I never planned to retire but IBM had large layoff and I figured, it maybe time] , I took my first ' vacation'. Being raised poor, in the country, vacations were visiting relatives. We flew from Los Angeles to Paris, then "cruised" Italy for my Wife. We loved New Orleans, Cruising... I always wanted to visit England, Ireland...but I find Europe not "handicap friendly" as the U.S. but I am "Irish/English" by temperament and my DNA is "Western European". But old age caught up to me. Being a "super taster" Beer is bitter and harsh to taste but I do have one occasionally
  5. Is that a WARM: bitter, mild, stout, porter, India pale ale, Brown ale, and Old ale?
  6. Thanks, it is laziness as I have only been doing this for about 55-60 years [computers] and retired from IBM and had one of the original "PC.'s" with DOS 1.0. Thanks for the explanation of "Health Check is for non-technical users" as ASSUMING "makes an ass out of you and me".
  7. THANKS TO YOU BOTH. My "settings" are: 'REMEMBER HISTORY' So if I understand correctly, it is because I have always used "Health Check" since it was added as a feature. I always "manually" erase HISTORY myself so I never want the "system" to delete it for me.
  8. HISTORY in the FIREFOX BROWSER, it still "cleans our my FIREFOX history. Any way to make it leave my History alone? I have tried this many times but now it is getting me upset.
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