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  1. Hi Hazelnut and thanx for the welcome and the speedy reply! I didn't use the site above; it was the filehippo.com site I used, as this was the link given on CCleaner's homepage. I have WinDefender and WinPatrol always running, with AVG + firewall version (set to scan every day on boot), and I scan regularly with both SpyBot S&D and AdAware, so yes to your second question I will try again using the URL you've given; Tx!
  2. Hi. I've used CCleaner quite happily until now, and have been happy to recommend it to others too. However, when I attempted to update it recently, I got warnings from WinPatrol that I was attempting to d/l AvenueA, a known threat. I aborted the download. Decided to try again in a couple of days - this time the download worked fine, no alerts from Scotty...but when I double-clicked to commence the installation, the system warned me that either the d/l file was corrupted, or it contained a virus. What's all this about? I would like to update my copy, but if it's being bundled with some s
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