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  1. Alan, I had around 300gb of data used on my 2tb drive. I lost around 150gb of data. Out of the 150gb of data that I lost, I was able to recover maybe 20gb of that data. I don't have or know anyone who has a Linux computer. Augeas, that link that you suggested is a thread that I started at computerhope. As you can see, my name Lexx, is there. I also posted here because this is the website for Recuva. I did try to recover the directory structure, and it did copy all the folders with maybe 2-3 files in each folder. I checked deep scan,restore folder structure and scan for non-deleted files. I also tried to scan with options checked and unchecked, but I still get the same error message. Thank you both for your replies.
  2. The used and free numbers have not changed since before this problem started. I have never deleted anything on this 2tb external drive. This drive is also ntfs and I am running Windows XP on my computer. Whenever you plug a USB into your computer, the computer scans it. While my computer was scanning my external drive I accidentally pulled the USB cord from the computer and then received a corrupted error. Like I said before, Recuva found every single file that was missing. The problem is, it only restored a portion of my data instead of restoring all the files that it found. Also like I said before, I get the error, " THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE FILES SPECIFIED". Thank you for your reply. How can I get back all the files that Recuva found the first time. Because now when I try to run Recuva on my external drive, I get the same error message that says, " THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE FILES SPECIFIED". What do I do?
  3. Hello, I am trying to restore my external drive's contents to my c drive. I haven't formatted the drive or deleted any files. In Management, I can see my external drive and the same disk space that it had before the problem started. Has anyone else had the " the system cannot find the file specified" issue? How did they fix this issue?
  4. Hello everyone! I really need your help! I tried to recover files from my external 2 tb drive that I accidentally unplugged from my computer while the computer was scanning it. Recuva found every file that was missing. Those files also had the green dot next to them, showing they should be easily restored. The thing is, when I press restore, it restores files for 15 minutes, but only a portion of my files. The rest of files that weren't able to be retrieved, are then listed with " the system cannot find the file specified." next to each file. I'm so close to retrieving my data. Please tell me what I need to do to fix this error and get my files back. Thank you so much in advance!
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