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  1. MrT, many thanks. It was exactly like you've said. I've installed CCleaner 3.18 few moments before you've posted. It crashed. I was about to uninstall it and read your post. Change the language and it worked! Indeed I have Firefox and Chrome processes running in background and set CCleaner to don't close them.
  2. Thanks Alan, but as you know, Windows Registry is very big... If I don't know which keys should I look for, I have nothing to do...
  3. Well, can I know which are the master key (folders) created by CCleaner in the registry? I can use the old and good Registrar Lite to take ownership of any key in the registry and delete them. I didn't know that CCleaner go so deeply in the registry like that.
  4. Without it. I've uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller. The "leftovers" of CCEnhancer were removed (and the folder itself) by Revo. Ok, but the problem is the file cleaner, not the registry one Thanks for the support and interest.
  5. The portable version seems to work perfectly. 3.17.1689 Portable version.
  6. Well, I've got the error message (screenshot) that I've tried to upload, but, for some reason, it is not shown here. I'll try the portable.
  7. I'm using CCleaner for years. The latest version that works in my computer is CCleaner 3.15.1643. All 3.17 ones are crashing even before I can check the option to send the report. I've thought it was due to the CCEnhancer, but I've uninstalled both and install CCleaner from scratch. No luck. If I return back to 3.15, it works. How to troubleshoot? Windows 7 Pro 32 bits and avast! Internet Security
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