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    Have you tried putting the RoboForm Folder or location in the exclusion list? That should cause CC Cleaner to skip it while cleaning you device!
  2. One of the first things CC Cleaner should be looking for is Tracking Cookies. These can be VERY DANGEROUS! AVG INTERNET SECURITY was my most dependable source for years of finding them, putting them into quartine and showing you the list of them. You could click on the list_one at a time- and be taken to a page that explained what the Cookie did and why it was a high-security risk. I quit AVG-and my subscription doesn't run out until December because the last program they came out with NEVER FOUND ONE TRACKING COOKIE. I am bad to browse around on the internet and in doing so I ALWAYS pi
  3. Nergal, what he is asking is what happens to the freed space. Does CC Cleaners write 0s and 1s into the cleaned space? That is what the Windows formatting system, EasUs and most all the partition managers do so that they avoid falling into 1/2 speed by getting out of order. harmie
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