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  1. Thank you Alan_B. I have to admit that I have never heard of reparse points, much less have any clue as to what they are. I do apppreciate your input, even though I am not knowledgeable about to how to use it. I assume it is for the Recuva developers to modify Recuva to address my problem. If there is something I can do, I am glad to do it if somebody can tell me how to. Thanks to all for their help.
  2. I don't seem to be having much luck. In addition to Recuva, I have now tried TestDisk, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and Restoration. I am beginning to think that the recovery tools are not really prepared to recover from a 2TB, FAT32, External USB drive. I will try some of the others as I have time. As always I appreciate the suggestions and hope for more. Thanks.
  3. A couple of more tidbits. My Win XP laptop will not let me increase the maximum pagefile size beyond 4096MB, which it was set at before I started this endeavor. No matter how hard I try, I cannot stop the scan. It seems to continue until it uses up all memory.
  4. I should also have mentioned, I have tried to recover the file even though it is not recoverable. VLC video player recognizes it as video and tries to play it. There is a brief image, only for a fraction of a second, and then the screen goes black. This has been consistent throughout all my efforts. I have tried to stop the scan at the end of stage 1, before stage 2, but I do not know I was ever successful since the stage 1 scan always went from 99% progress to completion, whether I tried to stop the scan or not.
  5. Augeas and DennisD, thank you both for your help. I have not gotten to all of the suggestings, I may never understand the Microsoft explanation, but here is an update of what I have found out. I think the size of the external USB drive is a problem for Recuva. I tried Recuva on the system drive and got a variety of scan results, some deleted files recoverable, some not recoverable, having been overwrirren. But none had the comment "Ran out of memory". I ran Recuva for all file types and all folders of the external USB drive. All deleted files were unrecoverable, either overwritten or "Ran out
  6. I do not have current access to my Vista machine. So I tried Win XP on the laptop, and got the same results. Attached is a screen shot. I will look into the other suggestions later. Thanks again.
  7. The external USB drive I am scanning is 2TB, could the size of that drive be a problem? I will try your additional suggestions and get back to you. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks DennisD. The drive I am trying to recover from is not a system drive. It is an external USB drive. I have not been intentionally writing to that drive, and do not have any reason to believe anything is being written to that drive or that the deleted file has been overwritten. When I expand the locations scanned other deleted files are detected. Some have the same comment and some have different comments than the "Ran out of memory". Hence my hope that if I can prevent Recuva from running out of memory when scanning particular deleted files I might be able to recover the one I am interes
  9. I tried your suggestions, and I still get the same results. I also tried running Recuva in Windows XP compatibility mode and got the same results. I doubt that it is meaningful, but Recuva v1.25.409 gives the comment "bad allocation", rather than the comment "Ran out of memory". What should I try next? Thanks for your help.
  10. A couple more pieces of information. I expanded the scan to include more folders so now the file I want to recover is not the only one on the list. It is in the middle of the list, so I think the scan completed, even though the scan may have given up on the file I am interested in. I also was watching the Memory (Private Working Set) in Windows Task Manager for Recuva.exe, it went over 1GB, then decreased. Any more thoughts? Thanks.
  11. Thanks DennisD. To elaborate a bit on what I have done before trying your suggestions: I used the wizard, scanning for video files, located in the drive/folder from which the file was deleted. I think the scan is finishing without aborting. The deleted file is found and listed in the results. On the same line as the deleted Filename is the state "Unrecoverable" with the comment on this same line "Ran out of memory". My hope is that if I can eliminate the comment, the file will then be recoverable. Thanks again, and I will examine you suggestions in greater detail.
  12. Thank you DennisD. I am using Vista 32bit. I used normal scan not deep scan. I appreciate the link you gave, but I have to agree with D00dle, in that the Microsoft explanation was clear as mud. I am trying to recover a single 196MB wmv video file. Any additional suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  13. What does it mean when the results of a scan for deleted files shows a comment "Ran out of memory" in the list of deleted files? And what do I need to do to eliminate this? I am using Recuva v1.42.544 on a Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @2.40HGz, 4.00GB RAM, Thanks. Recuva_log1_42_54419-4-2012_12-15.txt
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