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  1. Are you not interested in fixing this errors?
  2. @trium Ich weiß nicht welche Version von Windows du nutzt, aber bei allen von mir bekannten lautet es korrekt: "Ganze Zeichenfolge vergleichen" Deine Übersetzung wäre meiner Meinung nach zu missverständlich. ...wenn das hier überhaupt irgendetwas bringt...
  3. Hello, there are several Points in the German Speccy Version, which should be fixed. First Tab: "Summary": Motherboard shows me: "...Socket AM3" -> German translation of "Socket" is Sockel Second Tab: "Operating System": Here are many items to fix, i thinks its easier to mark them first and then correct (fat = expandable menu): Betriebssystem -MS Windows 7 64-bit SP1 -Installations-Datum: 11 October 2011, 08:03 -Seriennummer: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Windows Sicherheits Center Windows Update -AutoUpdate Automatisch herunterladen und zum gesetzten Zeitpunk
  4. I think he misunderstood the meaning of the sentence. In his translation it would mean "Show only complete string", what is not the meaning of the option. The real purpose of this option is to find a exact match, with all given letters. No more, no less. In this case, the Translation is: Ganze Zeichenfolge vergleichen. or if you really want to say (what i mean is better) that you have to get a EXACT match: Exakte Zeichenfolge vergleichen. The Translation of "Find..." is right, but it should be written Uppercase: Suchen...
  5. In my opion the translation would match better with this sentence (first one): Diese Programme werden beim Start deines Computers oder Browsers mitgestartet. Because his meaning is, that the progams are already running, if the application is startet. Which is wrong.
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