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  1. OK thanks for your help. It appears the problem is my monitor or the monitors power supply.. I pulled the plug on the computer and monitor and let it sit for 24 hrs. IT is a Planar monitor and has an external power supply. It booted up and ran fine for about 4 hrs then went blank again. I am going to try another power supply and if that does not work Ill pick up another monitor.. I suppose it was just a coincidence that after I ran drive wiper and rebooted the screen went blank. I an drive wiper on this laptop and everything works fine. Sorry for the false alarm...
  2. I set drive wipe to clean the MFT and C free space 1 pass, Everything was fine until I rebooted then I got a black screen. I believe it has something to do with the display driver as the keyboard flashes, I have sent for a XP Pro boot recovery disk but not sure if that is going to help
  3. I downloaded and ran the latest version of CCCleaner today. I run Windows XP Pro..Everything thing worked fine until I used drive wiper..I set it to wipe free space..It ran for 25 minutes, and now I have a black screen with nothing. I have no idea what to do,
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