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  1. At first, I did as I normally do; I went to Adobe's website and installed the latest version (over the top). When all my home computers starting having browser lockups, I remembered I had updated flash. Then I manually uninstalled Flash, downloaded the previous version, and then ran the install .exe directly for it.
  2. I like MPC HC but it won't play .iso files directly. I wish they'd add that feature.
  3. That version caused me no end of trouble with IE8 for some reason. I had to revert to the previous version of Flash.
  4. Are they not sorted by a header [bLAH] currently?
  5. From the reviews I've seen, FileSearchEX is the definitive search alternative for Windows 7.
  6. I wish they would support XP a little longer; dropping support for 2000 I can understand.
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