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  1. Oh, so no one knows for a fact that this is true or not out in the open?
  2. Hey, Anyone here from Oz? I heard that there was going to be a new law or something that they will make it that you must complete at least 125 hours of driving in any conditions instead of the usual 25 hours during Phase 2 Learner's Permit to get to your P's.......any confirmination on this fact? I can't seem to find an answer through google even though I've used all the key words that I could think of, but they all come back with nothing.... I heard it starts next year sometime in Janurary....others have no clue when it starts......and some just says it's just a *jest* to make learner's drive more or to have them not worry too much.... This question's mainly directed towards the WA state, not any other states of Oz. Cheers The New Guy.
  3. ... - Um, no; I'd rather die before that happens.... Exactly...that's what I was thinking at.... but it won't happen.... I've not known *any* rich girls at my uni....nor anywhere else around my area or at least where I've been to.....but that's probably due to my *gaming* life....always at home...playing on my computer; never going out...ever....I must be *anxious*....actually, I think I am...I'm also very *skeptical* of situations....and so I base my decisions on the *negative* outcomes, regardless of how much good things I can get.... Playing games on the computer, there isn't much, maybe besides the computer BSOD in front of you...or some hardware or software fails....or something...but I usually can find a way to fix them...so it's all good!
  4. Yeah, unfortunately no Walmart in Australia anywhere.... Ahhh, being a bit...paranoid, are we...? Hahaha - I used to be that...but I think it's probably not going to happen... Remember the 2k thingy? Yeah - that didn't happen...and there was a few within from 2000 to 2012.... I remember that there was one, it could be in 2011 or maybe 2012? - that something "bad" was going to happen on - I think a Saturday? I can't remember, but I remember it was on the news(and I think it was some church guy or someone who was *religious* said that, of course *most* people agreed to it, of course not me...hehehe....I was too busy *gaming* at that time to even bother about that...) and everyone sold everything, buying their dream cars etc. Make the most of it before the day ended and we couldn't see the dawn of the next day...well, nothing *really* did happen...Those people who did all *that* for all that of which *didn't* happen lost everything!! Hahaha - I pity them! Not sure what they did, but I think they tried to *somehow get their stuff back...but I doubt they *did* get it back....I don't know....but yeah - that was the story.... So....after *me* being paranoid about that...err...*statement*, for...six months(this year; this was exactly why I wanted to complete Assassins Creed Revelations to see what happened on the 21st of December 2012 - or at least understand what was going on in the story completely before Ezio *apparently* dies)(Assassins Creed, by the way, is a pretty good backup of the 21-12-12 doomsday! - but of course it's just only a *game*...so nothing in a *game* is "ever" real in life....unfortunately...unless it was based on a *true* story....), I was convinced both by friends and "past" results. Erm...I still haven't completed the game yet.....I'm in some ...side mission I guess....but I can't turn to that anytime now....I have my Engineering course at uni to worry about! I...well, if I'm lucky, I should be able to continue it during the summer holidays and or mid-year holidays, otherwise I have to *wait* 5 years till I finish my degree and then start playing...unless I decide to do my Masters on it...
  5. Hmmmm, very *unlikely*......though it that would help, if it did happen...hehehe... Ahh....well....this may change things *slightly*.... Well, maybe *not* 24/7, but at least get me back into gaming for around two to 10 hours a day...and feel the world that I've missed so...
  6. Awwwwwwww.... .....and i thought they were "sunglasses" due to the dark shades it had.... I guess glasses can be deceiving....you don't know what they *actually* are until you confirm it, like I did or rather you did as you did most of the work... UV light from the sun shouldn't be *that* bad to the eyes....should it? - I will still keep and wear the glasses, only because I'm not spending $400 for a *quality* assured and reliable sunglasses and that the days outside is usually "bright"...and when the day's bright (when I don't have my "sunglasses" with me) I usually go "Ahhh, the sun; my eyes, I can't see! It's so blinding..." [And then I usually cover my eyes with my hands, while I move around or make "pretend binoculars" with them to keep brightness down a bit].....so I keep them close with me...
  7. ....errrr...does that mean they're not...sunglasses but tinted glasses to protect from bright things like you described and they give no UV protection to the eyes, whatsoever?
  8. ...ouch....that sounded like that person wasted all that time on that particular subject....I hope I don't end up like that person.... I guess one variable would be my past work experience... I guess you could be right....there are lots of variables to consider....but I guess I don't mind, I'll be excited if I could game 24/7 after my degree! ^_^
  9. Ahh, nice... Erm, well on that page, it didn't actually state what I was suppose to look for on the labels....but here, I can give you whatever's written on the arms of the glasses and see what you make of it: On the Left arm it says "1011 SIDEWINDER" and on the right, it says: "[some sort of symbol I can't draw here] AS/NZS 1337:1992 ID No 5053". That should be about it. How do I find out which Category my sunglasses fit into? You must be used to the brightness outside....either that or it's not really all that bright....of course you'd want to protect your eyes from UV light, don't you?
  10. Ahh, I hope I am fortunate enough to find a job that does offer that kind of money in return...hehehe Ahh geez, just made it worse...I'm "overloading" it along with a friend of mine....5 units per semester....I doubt I'll be able to find time to look for a job/career, let alone get one.....the only time I think I'll be able to break that would be during the mid-semester break or the end of semester exam, well of course after my exams...during the summer holidays, unless I'm....*studious*....I should be able to find time to look and possible get a job with ease....but of course my lust to continue where I left of gaming on my computer somewhat stops me from doing this....it's not a good idea to stop in the middle of a game that you were really interested in, but had to leave because of...well you could say I had *school*....and then when you come back to it later in life, you've forgotten all about the game! Well, in storyline progression and what you were about to do after some point wise.... ...that's if it's got a interesting storyline or and gameplay like the Assassins Creed series(I love their games! Others may not, but I do! )... Yeah, I'd continued, but I'd go off on a tangent... Anyways, back on topic; how would you rate me getting a nice *paying* job after I graduate from my Computer Systems Engineering degree, or if I decide to go further - do my "Masters" and or even a PH.D on it?
  11. Hi, Back again, it's been a long time. I have question about sunglasses if you guys don't mind; how do you tell if the sunglasses you have *protects* your eyes from UV rays from the sun? I mean, I didn't buy them(my dad got them from his work) nor does it have the *tag* on them that says so(or maybe my dad ripped them off? or the company who gave them to him just ripped them off for him?hehehe?), so "just" by inspecting them, is there a way to tell if it has some sort of protection from UV to your eyes? Well, I just randomly found these glasses on the table that wasn't being used or *accepted* by any one in the family, so I thought why not take ownership of a third pair of glasses after I lost my other two pairs at uni...? I heard that UV can do "bad" things to the eyes...and I am ...I guess I'm getting paranoid..... Thanks in advance if anyone could help me out!
  12. That I shall do, eventually.... Thanks for the heads up! Oh really now? I had thought engineering course will grant a job that pays at least $2000 a week....or does that depend on who you work with?
  13. I don't think my parents will not like it if I told them, after I successfully graduate, that I cannot get a job because I'm too overqualified(They obviously want me to get money for the family to continue and such, help pay loans and things etc.)....but at the same time - I guess they would be happy for their son to be overqualified for any job....
  14. ...oh, so if I graudate, I will not be guaranteed employment? So I'll be stuck at home....possible continue on where I left off before going to uni...?
  15. Aye....so it's going to be quite tough to find employment after graduating from uni? I thought getting a qualification from uni will guarantee job employment.... Hm, and just realized that I couldn't play any M or higher rated games or watch movies that are rated M or higher.... But distinctively, kid life was the best; Fun and games - of course kid games (nothing to extreme...) and I still remember those kiss-chasy games we used to be forced on, in Primary school where they'd send the girls onto us........ahhh classical.......... Apparently the girls get some prize if they manage to land a kiss on a boy successfully on the cheeks.....and to get to know each other....it ended up boys hiding in spots where the girls couldn't get to....and teachers running after us seeking us all out! Good fun that was - though I don't want to know girls will be like when they grow up....luckily it wasn't the same in high school.... There - it was "Who was the coolest boy/girl"....then at uni it's "You're on your own, buddy...what you do is up to you.".
  16. That is very true.... Wouldn't over qualified mean you get more pay or become the store supervisor or something similar in rank or companies will want people who are qualified for their specific areas of need? It feels....awkward at times....and sometimes I have no idea what I am doing.... I'm not a person who always make a decision on demand....damn adulthood....it's making me feel anxious.. ..I wanna go back....to teenage life....actually better yet - kid life!
  17. Errr...I'm guessing this is what being an adult is like.........or is there another step I need to take on my way on becoming an adult? I'm still kid...............who just likes computers and playing games on them..........
  18. Hmmm....well I still live with my parents....and they're supporting me...with the needs....and usually not my wants.......If I try to ask them to get something for me, the answer's usually a no...unless I have a good reason (educational reason should give me the want, but other than educational, it's a no) and usually my mum will say along the lines of "Go get a job damnit - I can't be paying for everything you want! Unless it's for educational purpose or that the fact you haven't bought anything in a while - that's of course not educational related, I will get it for you." or sometimes "No...(and here I would interrupt and offered that I will repay the cash sometime in the future, which sometimes ends in yes or a no again....)" My parents aren't that rich or poor - they're just average. If they won the lottery(maybe 30 million dollars or something) they'd definitely say "Yes" to anything I want to buy....but right now, they've bought many tickets with no luck.....I felt that they wasted all that money buying them lottery tickets....that could've been spent on other things...but that's what they wish to do and I will not argue. The course I am doing costs about 8000 Australian dollars a year.....and since the course goes for 5 years that's $40000! That's more than 4 times the cost of my dream gaming rig!! Wow.... I also heard that if you complete this course, you'll get $5000 a week. This true? Or is my friend just saying that so I have to try my best? Is there even any career/job that will pay $5000 a week??! I haven't seen any....besides being the prime minister of a country or something similar.... Hmmm....what do you guys think now? Should I go ahead with it and ignore my friend's idea? And just work on Saturdays and or Sundays? I was actually planning to also work on Thursday, but I saw the timetable and it was, well - quite intense with classes going through the entire weekdays....Maybe on the holidays, I might work all the days...might have to give up that time that could've been spent for studying to earning some money towards my wants....
  19. Hi....I got another question relating to this...would you recommend working as well as going to uni at the same time without it affecting your study or grades? Because my friend always bug me(he is going to do the same course I will be doing as well.) not to go to work as I'll miss out on a lot of study and time that could've been spent dedicated to my course.......I don't know now.....what do you guys think? Will work = lower grade than without working casual or part time?
  20. .... The computer shop I tried applying to said all their job positions were filled... Damn....I knew something like this was gonna happen....should've did it at the start of the year....would have made life easier....now I am going to try other shops that I can get to in a reasonable amount of time... let's see what they say...hopefully all their job positions aren't full yet.... If they are all, then.... ..................................................................................................................................................
  21. I also heard they removed EAX and some other bits and pieces that made XP excellent for gaming now not in windows VISTA and 7....I guess that's why onboard sound is good enough for 7, but on XP - a dedicated sound card is preferred.
  22. Oh, really? Yeah - well I don't live in the US, I live in Australia. Besides, the guy that I talked to said you didn't need any qualifications, provided that you got some experience in computers or and retailing. Let's see how it all works out once I finally finish my CV with at least two referees...Oh and thanks for the help, Dennis, and everyone else who tried! I got experience, it's just that I don't have any qualifications, either from tafe or uni/college as you guys see it, to prove that I am computer savvy. Anything else that needs answering?
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