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  1. I'm sure it's been requested before, but is there any chance of a command-line registry cleanup being added? I understand that this could be used by the inexperienced and cause all kinds of mayhem, but this feature would be an INCREDIBLE benefit, particularly to SysAdmins and those using RMM software packages (that's me). And let's face it, the same argument for misuse could be made about the GUI version, yet I don't know what we'd all do without it! The command-line registry cleaner could require you set a registry backup location before allowing you to make changes. Unless there's a technical reason preventing this, I don't see why not? If you're already searching on-line for command-line switches for CCleaner, you're probably already pretty far ahead of the curve when it comes to technical know-how. And like I said, plenty of IT professionals out there who could really use it. Anyway, this is my first post. I created the account just to beg for this feature. Pretty please!
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