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  1. Everything runs fines, no corrupted programs or missing folders. The fact that my points are gone I'm guessing it had to have been them.
  2. WTF 10GBS?! I HAD 10 GBS OF RESTORE POINTS?! Wow lol Well thanks, was worried I may have lost some data since I was using my computer while defragging. What does VSS stand for anyway? And what is VSS?
  3. Yes I saw that but for me it's the opposite. Free space went up and used space went down.
  4. I have a 250gb hard drive, essentially 160 though because the rest is on other partitions. Before running Defraggler I had 62 gb used, and 98gb free. Now after running it I have 52gb used and 108gb free. Is this supposed to happen. I've had this computer for a year and a half, and only ran windows defrag 2 or 3 times. I'm a medium user, I use my computer a lot but usually just browse web. The last time I defraged was a few months ago, then used defraggler for the first time yesterday. I was browsing the web and saved 2 pictures yesterday while it was defragging. It's an emachines 250 netbook.
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