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  1. I'm new but lets not be too hasty about asking to pay for something before it has been developed. There are plenty of free programs on the World Wide Web that have an auto-update feature built in and has proven successfully to be stable. I think providing this feature would be a beneficial asset to CCleaner; wouldn't you like it more if you did not have to manually upgrade every month. A program development feature that all can benefit from through participation in consumer feedback. Yes there will be, of course, some bumps and pitfalls along the way but that’s how the development for consumer competition interest starts. Eventually, as the software develops, there may be a price tag attached but that's up to the CEO - Investors and how greedy they want to become above and beyond a fair market value for their product. They are not forcing you to buy their products. Take Alcohol 120%; they offer a onetime-lifetime purchase for their product. I’ve been with them for over 10 years and I have never had to pay additional costs for the same ownership license regardless of upgrade versions downloaded. This alone makes me want to donate, on there behalf, for upholding their commitment to consumers; it's a great program. CCleaner may be the same way but time will tell.
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