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  1. Hi All have downloaded yahoo messenger but it wont let me log in , I have tried all options no good the only option left is to enter proxy number and port number ? anyone know where I may find these numbers or any other suggestions , thankyou in advance , and have a great xmas all
  2. I am on talk talk and accidently uninstalled part of the anti-virus , which has left it inaffective , i have tried to uninstall but it wont let me , ive tried to add AVG and it locks up computer , i have the talk talk antivirus disc but it wont update because it says its already on the computer , any ideas how i can get rid of it thankyou in advance
  3. johnmfc

    thomson modem

    thankyou for your help
  4. johnmfc

    thomson modem

    help please ..my son has a thomson speedsearch 330 modem and it needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled but he has lost the modem disc , does anyone please know if it is possible to download one . thankyou in advance
  5. ok guys I did say I wasn,t that clever when it comes to computers didnt I please supply a link of exactly what i am supposed to download if you can I have a feeling I could have downloaded the wrong thing cheers
  6. didnt see a restrictive policy box , downloaded DAF but the same problem is still there not sure im looking forward to your next suggestion , its not pi#s off is it
  7. must admit I am very suprised that none of you techies has come up with a cure for this problem
  8. its certainly not that i have too many issues because i have always cleaned on a regular basis plus i have scanned them one at a time ... anyhow if i untick MISSING SHARED DLLS INSTALLER and MUI CACHE it works fine i can then do the mentioned 3 one at a time , it still freezes on MUI CACHE but more often than not it does not , not ideal but its a way round the problem .not sure if someone who knows what they are doing will understand why unticking the mentioned 3 makes it work ,i hope so , but thanks for all the help much appreciated
  9. nah still doing it , my other half has a laptop in the same house same wireless network hers works fine , how about i download an old version
  10. strange . but if i untick all the boxes then scan them one at a time it works
  11. still the same it gets to 84 and says not responding
  12. i have tried but i shall do it again and i will post the result thankyou for your reply
  13. Hi all I too am expieriencing trouble when I scan issues it freezes at about 84 and then says not responding I have tried downloading as mentioned in other posts but still no luck , strange but i have downloaded ccleaner on another pc the same version no problem ? . I am not the most computer litterate person so any help would be much appreciated thankyou in advance John
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