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  1. Allow adding folders to move them to the end of disk.
  2. Hi, Can you add support to SRWare Iron, that is based on the "Chromium" Sourcecode? Website: http://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php Thanks
  3. Hi, If I have a toolbar plugin for Word2003, this entry in 'winapp.ini' reset the position of that toolbar. [Office 2003]...RegKey2=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common\Open Find\Microsoft Office Word\Settings\Save As\File Name MRU... Can you remove or fix this? Thanks
  4. I know that and it's what I make until CCleaner fix this... But it would be better if this will be implemented to improve the CCleaner...
  5. Laptop: Outpost Pro Desktop: NetVeda Safety.Net
  6. Laptop: NOD32 Desktop: avast! Home Edition
  7. Hi, if I change the default cache path of Firefox and Opera, the CCleaner will not clean their cache. So I think that CCleaner should look in the definition files inside of profiles folder, 'user.js' in Firefox and 'opera6.ini' in Opera, to see what is the path for the cache. In 'user.js' I have: // Path to Cache folder:user_pref("browser.cache.disk.parent_directory","O:\\Programs_Temp_Files\\Firefox\\"); In 'opera6.ini' I have: Cache Directory4=O:\Programs_Temp_Files\Opera I hope that CCleaner team can add this feature to the next version of CCleaner... Best Regards
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