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  1. Thank you for doing the test. I have 4.01-71 installed. I opened BufferZone and it indicates that I have the latest release installed. Checked out the website on having received your msg ... yes -77 is available for download. Guess the rollout to existing users has not happened yet. I hope the info and dumps I sent to them helped in fixing the problem. Your lab test: Did you have Application Control checked in the settings?
  2. Yes that is me. When BufferZone went freeware, it ended up as a recommended product, however I determined that I could not recommend it after these BSODs. I actually liked the product before this. I decided to keep it on my W7 system to try to help them solve the problem. The freeware guys need our input and support. I thought you guys might see what the problem is.
  3. I have taken a screenshot of the BufferZone log at the time of the BSOD 8:16am this morning. Is it OK if I post it, or should I send it Piriform (to whom?)
  4. Yes, I can send it. (to whom do I send it?)
  5. I use BufferZone version 4.01.71 I have not used the portable version of CCleaner. I did a clean install for V3.15 (after I got the first BSOD) even though 3.15 showed as installed after the restart. Version 3.16 was extreemly slow in upgrading (about 10 minutes on the lang DLLs) and after the install completed I got a BSOD. This time 3.17 started the upgrade and slowed down again with the DLLs, then the BSOD. After the restart 3.17 had not completed the install.
  6. I have BufferZone running on W7/32 and when I install a release update of CCleaner on this system I get a BSOD. BAD POOL HEADER. I assume it is BufferZone that is causing the problem. I sent them the BSOD information. . The BSOD only occurs when I update to a new CCLeaner release. Today I downloaded 3.17 and it hapened again. I think Piriform and BufferZone need to have a conversation. There is some incompatibility here. I can run CCleaner on my system with BufferZone active ... the problem only ocurs with the install process (language DLLS are being extracted). This system has never BSOD'd at any other time. It is only this combination. I have another system which runs Vista Bus/32 and it does not have BufferZone on it. I use SBIE over there and I have never had a problem installing updates for CCLeaner.
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