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  1. I think I might have dreamed this now I reloaded an older version and they still weren't cleared down Does this check box doesn't do anything then ?
  2. When I rebooted all the Start | Run entries were cleared OK When I entered more Start | Run entries and reran ccleaner the entries were still there so not solved for me yet
  3. Windows XP SP 3 CCleaner v3.26.1888 I noticed that the Start | Run entries are still there after running ccleaner and I'm sure they used to be cleared down in older versions Attached is my selection paramere screen and I have Start | Run checked
  4. I wouldn't describe the deletion of the entire list of contents in WM as an "improvement". I discovered too late that this is where the sudden inclusion of 95Mb / 5900 files had come from and fortunately had a recent backup of the WM directory to restore from I have gone back to build 1666 for the moment rather than uncheck the Multimedia Apps tick box for Windows Media in the Applications tab I still want to remove WM log files etc but NOT the entire contents index !! I firmly believe that this change should be counted as a bug and reversed I use Win XP SP3 and I'm not sure what else is affected
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