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  1. Opera seems pretty heavy on RAM usage to me (with an average of ~3 tabs open, it is usually around 130MB), but I don't consider it an issue. It's still my favorite browser by far.
  2. Windows 2000 is also dead. Looks like I'll have to finally take my old old laptop offline for good. I'm just not willing to use an unpatched computer online.
  3. Nothing special, but here's mine. Believe it or not, that's actually XP Pro SP3. I found a really cool Windows 7 theme that looks great!
  4. Looks great! How do you install it?
  5. I tested it in Firefox and got the exact same error! It sounds like it's a compatibility problem between Flash and my system, but I don't know what that could be. It's just a regular, fully-patched Windows 2000 installation.
  6. I know the error message mentioned Shockwave, but that's confusing because I've never had Shockwave installed on this computer and the sites where I get the error contain Flash content, not SW. I didn't get this error until I upgraded Flash to the latest version. Why the Opera error message mentions Shockwave is a mystery.
  7. I followed those instructions to a "T" and still got the attached error. Maybe I should take this to the Opera forums.
  8. You know, I actually have no idea what I had installed previously. I know it was the latest non-RC version 10 though. Yeah you're right that it should work on 2000, but Opera gives me an error every time I visit a flash site.
  9. I recently tried to upgrade my installation of Flash on my Windows 2000 machine, but it doesn't work at all (10.1 is XP+). FileHippo only has 10.1 Final and the 10.1 RCs, but I need something prior to 10.1 for it to work. Does anyone know where I can grab the older, compatible version of Flash?
  10. I'm not sure it's actually a security risk, but I cleared those items nonetheless. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned, but there is no AIM option profile settings.
  12. No, Opera Mini (J2ME and Android) is free. Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile is not free.
  13. CCleaner (2.31) is STILL cleaning Opera favicons! Not all of them like before, but there are some in my Opera 10.52 "personal bar" that are cleared each and every time I run CCleaner. This is getting a little frustrating. EDIT: upon further investigation, it is actually cleaning ALL favicons, even search engine icons
  14. It sure does! 10.50/10.51 is flawed in many ways, and heavy RAM usage is just one of them. I'd also like to know if things have improved in 10.52.
  15. Thanks for pointing that out Hazel....I don't know how I missed that!
  16. With the latest version of CCleaner (2.30.1130), with the "History" item checked, all favicons for bookmarks are cleaned. This is occurring on Opera 10.51. This did not happen on previous versions of CCleaner and is obviously is not a desired feature. Perhaps a separate item can be created for favicons in a future release of CCleaner? (or better yet, removing that cleaning feature entirely)
  17. I'm a little confused. The main page still says the last update was on 02-28-10. Where does it say the the Opera list was updated on 03-01-10?
  18. hpHosts updated today, 03-16-10.
  19. You're right it can, but all I really use computers for involves the internet, so I wouldn't feel comfortable using an unsupported OS while online.
  20. I've long been dreading that date since it will mean the end of my old, trusty laptop! It's not capable of running XP, so July 13 will be it's last day! My newer laptop is running XP, and even that only has 4 more years left on it it.
  21. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=20609 Does anyone have any idea why that thread was closed? It was there simply to let people know when SpywareBlaster had received a definitions update, so I'm clueless here. Can anyone fill me in?
  22. Isn't browsing using a "private tab" fairly secure as well?
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