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  1. Windows 7 Firewall Control I just came across this cool piece of software and wanted to share. Basically, it provides a GUI front-end to the built-in Windows Vista/7 firewall and makes it a lot more useful. It offers features similar to other third-party firewalls like pop-ups asking for permission for apps to access the internet, something the Windows firewall doesn't support by default. A paid version if offered, but the free version offers plenty of functionality. There is also a XP version. So far, it's working great on both my XP Pro and 7 Ultimate machines. I think it's worth a look by those of you who also use the Windows firewall.
  2. That's a big reason why I continue to use Opera. I use both HostServer and the CSS Element Filter that works with Fanboy's adblock list. EDIT: For some reason HostsServer only works in other browsers, not Opera. That's why I initially started to use the Fanboy adblock list and his CSS filter in Opera. HostsServer works great in IE, Firefox, Chrome/Iron, etc though.
  3. I just installed it, and I have to say, it's the best and fastest version of IE by FAR. Any idea why atdmt.com is blocked by hosts files and why downloads from microsoft.com are associated with it?
  4. TeeJay3800


    I didn't realize until you said that that Auslogics included that functionality, but yes it is working fine now.
  5. TeeJay3800


    Yeah, me either. I was talking about Windows chkdsk. I've only gotten it to run in "read-only" mode.
  6. TeeJay3800


    What settings are you using so that it doesn't run in read-only mode? I've tried running "chkdsk /f" and then hitting "Y", but it never seems to run at the next boot.
  7. TeeJay3800


    I have the "move system files to the beginning of the disk" option checked under Algorithms and run the "defrag & optimize" option once a week. I've never had a problem.
  8. Thanks! Credit goes to DeviantART.
  9. I downloaded the full installer, but didn't get an option to install any additional software. It seemed identical to the slim installer.
  10. The option to install the toolbars seems to have been removed, even in the full version.
  11. Sounds like a great update, thanks!
  12. My current security setup is using Avast! for anti-virus and the built-in Windows 7 firewall. I'd like to use a more advanced firewall, and was thinking about combining both AV and firewall into one piece of software. I know Comodo gets good reviews and they offer both a standalone firewall, and a combined AV/firewall for free. The idea of combined software appeals to me because of the potentially reduced memory footprint, and since I only have 1.25GB RAM, that's a good thing. So I'd like some opinions from the trusted Piriform forum members. Here are my options: - Keep existing setup of Avast! for AV and Windows 7 firewall for firewall - Use Comodo firewall and Avast! AV - Use Comodo for both firewall and AV (what I'm currently leaning to) Thanks for the input!
  13. It's not a "Chrome-wannabe". Google Chrome is based on the Chromium source, and so is Iron. So both browsers are based on Chromium, it's not Iron based on Chrome. Here are a few reasons to use Iron instead of Chrome: LINK.
  14. If anyone cares, it's now been updated to 7.0.520.0.
  15. What kind of phone? If it is an Android device, I can help you out.
  16. That is very true. Here is some news of note that may interest Opera users : Choose Opera
  17. That's too bad Hazel, but I wonder why you're experiencing those issues, while almost everyone else running the exact same build does not.
  18. The above mentioned reasons are why I like Opera too. It has the minimalist interface without sacrificing on features (Chrome/Iron is very very stripped down by comparison) and is also very fast. Chrome/Iron is faster at rendering some websites, but overall Opera is faster for me. In fact, certain sites load MUCH slower in Iron than in Opera.
  19. Glad you got it figured out Dennis.
  20. I highly recommend RocketDock. It's based on ObjectDock, but includes for free many features which are only available in the paid version of OD. It's currently using 888k of RAM on this XP machine. I use it on both my 7 Ultimate and XP Home computers.
  21. I don't have a horizontal scroll bar and never have. I'm running 10.62 on Win7 Ultimate. Perhaps the difference is my screen resolution appears to be higher. Mine is set to 1400x1050.
  22. Not exciting as usual, but I like it.
  23. Here is the system snapshot. However, I am now confused because for the first time, the latest version of CPU-Z is mentioning both Turion 64x2 and Athlon 64x2 at the same time as seen here: Also, CCleaner is still reporting it as an Athlon 64x2 as seen here: Perhaps most definitive of all, the sticker on the laptop says "AMD Athlon 64x2." So, as you can imagine, I'm very confused. Any ideas?
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