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  1. Good catch. For some reason I assumed he was already using HostsMan.
  2. I would suggest turning on HostsServer and enabling the log. Then try visiting the site again and check the log. That will show you all the hosts that were just blocked, then you can narrow down the "false positive." Note that HostsServer works for all browsers except Opera for some reason.
  3. I used an app called "UniversalThemePatcher." I can't remember the name of the site I got it from. It's called "Vista VS for Windows 7" available here. Because I'm not using Aero, I also had to patch a file in the theme folder (msstyles or something like that) to make the title bar black as well.
  4. Because of the nature of the topic, I don't see how religion could not be debated. Creationism versus non-creationism is inherently a religious topic. That's why I think this particular topic is asking for trouble in any forum, even a very civil forum such as this one.
  5. Oh yes I can, but I can already tell you're not someone worth arguing with. It only took 13 posts for someone like yourself to resort to name calling, so I agree with Dennis about letting this topic rest.
  6. Ditto for those who are against creationism. Do you all think we and this entire universe just popped up out of nowhere by some unexplained act of science? That takes more faith than believing in a higher power! I'm not saying I think the world is 6,000 years old....there are scientific facts that prove otherwise, but I do think we and all that there is was created by God. What's wrong with having both points of view in textbooks? Why is one point of view ok but not the other when NEITHER can be concretely proven?
  7. That article is only slightly liberally biased. And no, it doesn't sound like we agree on anything.
  8. I switched to a Vista style theme, which I much prefer to the standard ugly baby blue that Windows 7 comes with standard.
  9. Here's my XP machine. My Windows 7 unit will follow shortly.
  10. You guys are making me feel old!
  11. Awesome! That really takes me back! The earliest OS I can remember using on my parent's home PC growing up is MS-DOS 6.11.
  12. Unless I'm understanding you wrong, that's exactly the Android app situation already. There is an official Android Market app on all Android phones, but you also have the option of installing apps from other sources (such as those saved to your SD card and then installed manually).
  13. I still much prefer Google's approach to app management. There's a downside to everything, and this is the downside of the Android Market's openness. I would take my Android device over an iPhone or Windows Phone device any day.
  14. hpHosts was updated on 03-02-11.
  15. Being from the Detroit Metro area, this darn near brought a tear to my eye. It originally aired during Super Bowl XLV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKL254Y_jtc
  16. For an Opera-specific issue like this, that might be the best place to ask. I agree that it's not newbie friendly at all, so good luck! Despite Opera being such great software, their official forum sure has a lot of j*rks!
  17. You have to uncheck "website icons" in CCleaner or else they will be cleared. Just a thought.
  18. Thanks for the link, but I upgraded through the program and didn't get an option to choose different types of install.
  19. I almost fell off my chair when I read 5 minutes. It took about 40 on mine, but even on an ultra-powerful computer I would still expect around 30 minimum.
  20. I agree. After using it for some time, I think it's the best AV I've ever used. EDIT: On my Windows 7 computer, it automatically installed a sidebar gadget after updating. Thanks, but no thanks.
  21. Glad it went well for you. I didn't actually have any problems with the download, it froze during the shutdown process. I know that SP1 includes all security updates released until now, but what about enhancements and feature additions? Nothing that I can see so far.
  22. I downloaded it through Windows Update literally minutes after it was released and had no trouble downloading it. However, after I hit restart, it went to the shutdown screen and said "configuring the service pack" and then said "shutting down." It then froze on shutting down. I let it sit for half hour, but eventually had to turn it off and back on manually. I thought it was messed up, but when it booted, it resumed where it left off and later said the service pack had been successfully installed. So apparently it installed fine, but not without a little hiccup. Typical Microsoft.
  23. Hmm, that's strange. It was made available on Windows Update at 1:00 PM EST and it appeared for me there when I checked at 1:06. I'm not sure why it would appear for some people but not others. Maybe it's your edition of 7?
  24. Just a FYI that Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 was just released through Windows Update. It isn't yet available through Microsoft Download Center, but it should any time.
  25. This is kinda late and certainly nothing special, but here's my XP desktop from my secondary PC.
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