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  1. Just an FYI for you Opera users, and those that should be. It's fast! Wow, a new Opera release and Patch Tuesday all in the same day. It's like Christmas in April!
  2. I use Iron and have Adblock Plus, Fit To Width, and WOT. I would probably have more, but Iron is only my backup browser.
  3. How dorky does it make you when you actually look forward to Patch Tuesday?
  4. Wow! It's scary knowing that until Tuesday, our machines have that many critical security holes that are vulnerable and unpatched.
  5. I use WOT, Turn Off the Lights, and Popup Statusbar. With Popup Status bar, you can disable Opera's standard status bar to save on screen space (just like Iron/Chrome).
  6. I've had good luck with Avidemux.
  7. WinPatrol can detect malicious changes to your hosts file.
  8. I think so too. On "lightweight" sites, I don't see a difference between Opera, Firefox, or Chrome/Iron. However on resource-intensive sites like eBay for example, Opera uses less CPU and loads the page faster. Also with Opera, you can scroll smoothly as the page loads, whereas Firefox and Iron are jumpy for me as the page loads. It's for those reasons that I've stuck with Opera for so long.
  9. So far I'm really liking it a lot. It's making me consider switching from Opera actually.
  10. I had a very similar problem on my XP SP3 machine several weeks ago, but rather than affecting the Services window, it affected the Windows Security Center. I never did find a fix, so I ended up formatting and re-installing Windows from scratch. That obviously doesn't help you, just thought I'd share.
  11. hpHosts updated again 03-20-11.
  12. Thanks, that's what I was looking for. I had installed the RC a few weeks ago, but Windows Update wasn't picking up on any available updates after the final version was released (not sure why it didn't). Just had to install 9 final manually.
  13. The Windows hosts file is super easy and works for all browsers. Would you mind posting your full version string if you use 32-bit?
  14. I use Opera 11 as primary and Iron 10 as backup. Can someone post their full version string? I installed the RC a couple weeks ago and Windows Update isn't picking up on an update, so I want to make sure I have the latest version.
  15. I do. The only disadvantage is you cannot disable individual domains since there are multiple listed per line. It sounds like you want to do that, so you may not want to use the optimization.
  16. Well that wish was quickly granted. Iron 10 is out! http://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron_download.php
  17. Here's to hoping that Iron is updated to version 10 soon as well.
  18. Wow! My PC goes from pressing the power button to ready to use in about 30 seconds! Windows 7 is the fastest booting OS I've ever used.
  19. I didn't see that because Tom posted between me and you and you didn't quote me so I skimmed right past it. I understand how CleanMem works so I was surprised to experience any issues. I'm currently testing the PC without it running and will report back. Is it possible that I don't have enough RAM for Windows 7 if something like CleanMem is constantly clearing out RAM? Then again, I thought CleanMem was ideal is for lower memory computers, so I'm at a loss at this point.
  20. Once you've identified the problem host, in HostsMan go to Hosts -> Exclusion List and add it there. That should be all that's necessary. HostsMan will continue to recognize that excluded site even after hosts file updates.
  21. I'm wondering if you could diagnose my experiences with CleanMem. It works great on my secondary computer (XP Pro, Athlon 64x2, 1GB RAM). However, on my primary computer (specs in sig), many things get jumpy when CleanMem is installed and set to run every 15 minutes. YouTube videos have the audio starting immediately but the video is black for several seconds before appearing, Google Earth is jumpy, and just a general slowness to starting apps and internet browsing. Any idea why it works so well on one computer, but seemingly not so well on another?
  22. Because I use Opera, I don't keep HostsServer running. I also never keep HostsMan running to save on system resources (I have no need for auto update checking). On my secondary (XP) machine, I use Iron more than Chrome so I do keep HostsServer running there, and it uses about 6MB of RAM and essentially no CPU.
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