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  1. I could be wrong, but this seems to be a new change:




    I HIGHLY DOUBT that the "Home" version is the most popular. This makes me think that the free version will be phased out soon. The emphasis is clearly on the paid versions now. :(

  2. After using it a little more I've noticed two things. First, it's built on a much older version of Chrome/Chromium than Iron. In the newest version, the settings window opens in it's own browser tab with the URL of chrome://settings/browser, but in BlackHawk, settings opens in it's own window like the older versions of Chrome. Also, for some reason, text on forums such as this one look slightly blurry, whereas they look sharp and crisp in Iron. Speed is subjective and varies from machine to machine as Hazel said, but from my perspective, Iron is a better and more up-to-date browser.

  3. Speed and download size.




    Have you tried Blackhawk yourself TeeJay?

    You bet. :) It doesn't seem any faster at anything than Iron though, and I prefer not to have a menu bar to save on screen space. I'm also unsure how quickly it comes out with updates. When Chrome comes out with a new stable version, SRWare usually updates Iron within a few days. At this point I have no idea how quickly NetGate releases updates (could be quick, could be slow, no idea right now).

  4. That was not evident from the publicity pages that Hazel linked. You had to go hunting to discredit a little bit of humour ?

    I understand the irony of a firewall being for hackers, and I was just posting correct information about the software. Your earlier posts suggested it was indeed "for" hackers which made me curious to read more, so I did...

  5. @ Hazel

    Sorry, I just could not resist, it seems so funny that a Firewall is FOR hackers instead of AGAINST hackers.


    @ Mike

    I saw that the first time, hence I replaced with "...." the part that was not relevant to my observation.


    I guess I must be an acquired taste ! !

    In their description of the firewall it says "FortKnox Personal Firewall is personal firewall solution that allows you to protect a PC against hacker attacks..." (link). That doesn't sound like it's for hackers to me...

  6. I like FF5 enough where I've finally dumped Opera after 5 or 6 years. Opera 11 is fast and very good, except for site compatibility. The list of regularly visited sites that don't work well for me in Opera is huge. Primarily Facebook. Awesome browser, but I just got sick of site problems. I've now upgraded Iron from my backup browser to primary, and Firefox is my new backup.

  7. Thanks all. I've uninstalled both versions of Flash completely (IE and non-IE) and re-installed after downloading fresh from FileHippo. Hazel, I too was able to watch that entire video. The first couple YouTube videos I watch play fine, but after watching 2 or 3, the problem begins. When the problem happens, CPU on opera.exe is maxed out at 99-100% until I manually close that tab. I've tried going to Flash settings in Control Panel and clearing all data, but the problem persists. As far as I can tell, it's unique to Flash and Opera 11.11. With the previous version of Flash, YouTube played fine in Opera 11.11, and the latest version of Flash plays fine in Iron and IE. It doesn't seem to be OS dependent as it happens on both XP and 7.


    This problem may not specifically be Opera's fault, but nevertheless it only occurs in Opera. I also have other strange issues with Opera, like hitting the back button doesn't return me to the part of the page I was on (this issue is very obvious on Wikipedia). All these things combined and I'm seriously considering dumping it for good. That would be a shame, because it's still my overall favorite. Anyway, sorry for the rant. :)

  8. Ever since I upgraded to Flash Player, I've been having trouble playing videos in Opera 11.11. A few seconds into the video (YouTube for example), the video will freeze while the audio continues normally. The entire browser freezes and becomes unresponsive during that time. This happens on both my Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1 computers, and only in Opera and only on the newest update to Flash released a few days ago (videos play fine in IE and Iron). Any ideas?

  9. Hostman is already using the new server. I have had updates on the 30th and on the 5th but both were the same number of sites so I guess it was the same definitions or just some minor adjustment

    Have you changed your server settings in HostsMan? I have not, yet I still received the updates on those two days.

  10. I did mine via Hostman updater and it shows 05/01/11. So, something is out of kilter

    Yes, something weird is going on. The latest update date shown on their site is 03-30-11, but according to HostsMan, it's been updated twice since then, most recently on 05-01-11. Strange.

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