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  1. I seem to remember a time when Google's motto was "Google: Do No Harm". I guess since they joined the stock market, investors are so far up Google's a** now that their new motto should now read: "Google: Where Your Information is Our Information" Sounds cynical perhaps, but isn't there some truth to it? Cheers and thank you for the heads up!
  2. Most of the time when we run CCleaner, we have a lot of options selected a it takes a long time to finish the process. Especially those of us who have several Internet browsers and of course, when we defrag! A way to select a personalize clean up scheme could simplify and expedite this process. It would be nice to have a way (in the options menu) to create our own workspace. An "Add a Personalized Workspace" option would open an area where we could select the 'quick' chores we want CCleaner to do. Then we could just name it and click "Save". It would then be added to the left menu bar of the app and in the context menu from the app icon. This could actually bring down the time it take to do everything (which by the way, should in no way be neglected AND should be performed on a regular basis) to a mere few seconds. Suppose we want to, say, just "Empyty Recycle Bin" (which I despise keeping on the Desktop) , and perform a "Memory Dump" - which is a god send for gamers playing 32 bits games on 64 bits machines which tend to crash a lot when the 2 Gb of memory these games can 'see' are full! - then all we would have to do is either launch the app and select our workspace or right click it from the contextual menu to have only our selected cleaning chores performed. We could even have a function in this new feature which would allow us to choose a list of files to delete. For instance, some of us regularly delete game caches (which can become quite large and hinder the game performance) or simply when we want to mod the game. As of now, there is no way for CCleaner to know which files are safe and which are not safe to delete in a game folder. Only the savvy gamers know that. I'm sure a lot of folks can think of myriads of other ways (outside of gaming) to utilise such a feature and would probably appreciate it a lot as it would only delay their workflow for only the time it takes to click the button. Feel free to post your ideas of how a personalized workspace would be of use to you in this thread! Oh, and by the way, CCleaner is an excelllent product! One question though: Why still don't we have a area to "Kill Processes" hum? That would be dandy as game producers still throw a lot of memory leaks at us with their 32 bits offerings - Rings a bell EA? Oops, Freudian slip here! Keep up the good work people and best regards to all
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