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  1. ok, thats different.

    you may want to close other programs because too many programs could lock something up like that.

    you need to make sure you downloaded it from a trusted site also.

    does it show any issues coming up?


    hi ive tried rebooting in safe mode and it seems to have done the trick !!many thanks..hopefully all will be ok now.guess it was a case of to many issues like you said?.thanks again.

  2. welcome to CC sean!

    you may just have ALOT of issues.

    how long did you let it sit?

    it also may be interfering with another program.

    try running it in safe mode.

    when you restart, there should be some text saying, "press __ for safe mode.

    boot up into safe mode and see if that works.


    hi do you think that will work?this is what happens as ive just tried it again.when you click scan for issues at 91% a message appears saying ccleaner has encountered a problem and needs to close then it asks if i want to send an error report?

  3. hi i have been using ccleaner for the past 18 months with no problems . however i have downloaded the new version and when it comes to solving issues it stops and freezes at 91%.i am using xp and have read other problem solving tips shown on here and followed all to no avail.please can someone help as its driving me crazy.....

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