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  1. Hi, After running CCleaner (5.01.5075 Pro - 64 bits, but also dozens of previous versions), the amount of space removed (under Cleaning Complete) is displayed in grey, while the time consumed is bold in a bigger font.. Would it be possible to display the space removed with more emphasis (example: by switching space removed and time consumed ) ? I believe the time consumed is too much influenced by the hardware, which is not the case for the space removed (which is a true CCleaner indicator). Baudouin.
  2. The download of winapp2.ini file works fine in Google Chrome; so I guess there must be some specific IE9 setting preventing the download; I'll try googling further more.
  3. This solves the problem; thank you so much! I will have a look at some settings, thanks.
  4. Hello, this is my 1st post int his forum, just for a little problem: I cannot download winapp2.ini as a file (Win7 SP1 x64 up to date, IE9): if I click on the download link, a new page opens in IE that shows the contents of the file . So I have to select all, copy and paste in notepad, and save to winapp2.ini. In Win XP SP3 up to date and IE8, the file downloads as it should. Can someone help me to locate the problem? Thank you. Baud.
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