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  1. Dennis, Hazelnut, Everyone, I finally just clicked through the cookies (it was tedious) and deleted maybe 150 or more. So thanks for trying. It still could have been something here that would have been obvious to you, but not to me. Jerry
  2. Multimedia section of Applications? Much further down in the browsers? I don't know what you mean. What if I just deleted all cookies? What if I just deleted all cookies, even the ones I want to keep? How bad would that be? Jer
  3. It won't do anything until the browser is CLOSED. It probably says cleaning canceled because I forgot to close the browser that time. Are we out of ideas? Did I not download the latest version for Mac? Jer
  4. Here's the 4th one: http://pixpipeline.com/l/0bca1729c1b0.png Jer
  5. Here's 3 pix. Let me know if you need the fourth one. http://pixpipeline.com/l/0821870e9542.png,05fbbb58a3d2.png,97da8e06e6f8.png
  6. Dennis, Where is the list? It says "Safari" in the window. Everything beneath it is checked, but no list of browsers. Jer
  7. OK Hazelnut, they're here: http://pixpipeline.com/l/56c67e4e2c1e.png,62f19d00432d.png Jerry
  8. vScreen shot 2012-03-14 at 11.08.01 AM.png Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 11.08.10 AM.png I suppose it looks quite normal, except when I close Firefox 11 and hit "Clean", nothing happens in either window. They should disappear in the "delete" window, right? Jerry
  9. No, I meant it's a mystery as to why it's not working. I know Firefox, and Safari have to close down to use it. Jer
  10. It won't let me proceed without closing the browser. So we have a mystery here. Jerry
  11. OK, I have to have been using Safari all along? It doesn't work with cookies acquired using Firefox? Jer
  12. Well, is this it? Just didn't occur to me, but hey, I'm old: I'm using Firefox. If I switch to Safari for this, will I have to re-launch CCleaner, and go through all the cookies again? Thanks, Jerry
  13. OK, yes everything's checked. Does this mean the cookies related to those applications are supposed to be what's deleted? And the cookies are supposed to disappear from that window?
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