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  1. Don't have any doubts in that. The results of their work are clearly visible from version to version. Appreciated devs for their efforts. You know, the iOS and MacOS are such stable and good operating environments that even despite the fact I'd like to have some advantages provided by JailBreak I would never use it on my iPhone and, if it shall be released, on my Mac. Anything has its pros and cons.
  2. OK, I see... Just tried to delete some of those apps in the list and can confirm that it is like you just said. 1. But why do I see Adium in Uninstall list on my MacBook Pro (MacOS 10.7.4, CCleaner 1.03.131) and can not see it on MacBook Air (MacOS 10.7.4, CCleaner 1.03.131)? 2. Is there any chance to get a version of CCleaner in future that will be able to uninstall any app installed? Or there is a limitation set by Apple's engineers of MacOS and it is absolutely impossible? Thank you for your answers
  3. Soooo, I'm right next to my MacBook Pro now and CCleaner shows me: MacBook Pro 8.1, Intel Core i7, 4,0GB RAM Mac OS X 10.7.3 CCleaner 1.02.115 And here is the list of applications available for uninstall in Uninstall tool: Adium CCleaner KeePassX Microsoft Office 2011 MPlayerX ORFO 2011 PhotoViewer Pixelmator Skype The Archive Browser All of those applications are installed both on my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. However, from this list I see only 3 application in CCleaner 1.03.131.
  4. Today I'll try to experiment with my MacBook Pro with MacOS X Lion installed on it as well. I didn't update CCleaner on it yet so I shall be able to see the whole list of uninstallable applications - I have almost the same applications installed on both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Moreover I'll post the list of all uninstallable applications from previous version of CCleaner on my MacBook Pro. Hope it'll help programmers to fix this issue. If you guys have some thoughts on how can I further help you to track down this issue please don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to check this forum during the day. BR
  5. First of all happy Holidays all of you guys from the U.S.! Don't take it to serious about "no replies and no solutions" Yes, the Uninstall tool of CCleaner for Mac showed more uninstallable programs in an earlier version As for the list of application in Uninstall tool - it contained, for example, Pixelmator and MPlayerX in previous versions of CCleaner. If I remember correctly it also contained Sentinel3. There are none of them in Uninstall list now. As for other applications I'm not sure about their complete list so I'll not mention any of them here. However, the list of Uninstall tool contained majority, if not all of my applications installed by myself. Currently, from about 25 applications installed by myself I can only see in and able to uninstall using CCleaner's Uninstall tool 3 of them (as I mentioned in my first post): - Microsoft Office 2011; - ORFO 2011; and - Skype All other applications disappeared from Uninstall list in 1.03.131 version of CCleaner
  6. OK guys, no replies and no solutions... Do any of your guys using Macs have the same problem as I do? Or this problem appears on my Mac only?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if I miss something... After updating CCleaner to v.1.03.131 I have only a few applications in a list of Uninstall tool, namely, Microsoft Office 2011, ORFO 2011 and Skype. However, I currently have around 25 applications installed by myself apart from Mac OS preinstalled applications. All of those 25 apps were in a list of previous version of CCleaner's Uninstall tool. What should I do to see them all again and be able to uninstall any of them using CCleaner's Uninstall tool? Or this is a bug to be fixed in next releases? My machine is: MacBook Air 4.2, Intel Core i5, 4,0GB RAM Mac OS X 10.7.4. CCleaner v.1.03.131
  8. Hi guys, Do you have any plans to make Defraggler for Mac and Speccy for Mac? Those are really nice apps which I use in Windows and want badly to have them on my Mac. Espacially Defraggler as it is almost weekly used app. Keep it up with Ccleaner, very glad to have it on Mac as well !!! Sincerely, me
  9. I agree, it would be a good idea to use one of the monospaced system fonts from MacOS in Ccleaner for Mac (actually, to use native system font is a good rule in general). This way you can at least guarantee avoidance of font incompatibility among all Mac users. Moreover, Courier New looks very thin...
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