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  1. the startup had the label that matched my ccleaner listing (see original post) with the ~ shortend to 8 car. retyped it to full spelling. restarted - ccleaner listed it without the ! short version so that is WHERE it got the listing - but no binary's or digit labels in this reg-file that could be changed to allow delete in ccleaner. must be in some other binary list that only a master reg dude can figure out LOL but - still no changeing it from is current 'disabled' status to on or delete. further searching:: The ' all users ' ,'startup' folder only has 'desktop.ini' which ha
  2. So, how do I get it out of ccleaners startup list ?
  3. well, that didnt do much shared tools msconfig only list the one that is turned off. curr ver run msconfig shows everything EXCEPT the line I want LOL along with 'KEY run' which adds a pchealth line. LOL even tried to creat a folder ' progra~1 ' to add the sub folders etc guess ms didnt want the diff 'program files' and its shortnd version of 8 char at the same time LOL this seems like a hang up listing prob in ccleaner, cept when I ran msconfig it crated a line in startup and the bad line moved down and back up when I deleted the msconfig en
  4. the bottom line in question is not in the msconfig list. (I looked there before, and now again just to make sure i didnt miss it)
  5. ver 2.36.1233 on win xp pro w/sp2 Tools/startup -saved to txt file :: Yes HKLM:Run Alcmtr ALCMTR.EXE Yes HKLM:Run RTHDCPL RTHDCPL.EXE Yes HKLM:Run avast5 "D:\AVAST\avastUI.exe" /nogui Yes HKLM:Run TM Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\TMController.exe No HKLM:Run ATICustomerCare "C:\Program Files\ATI\ATICustomerCare\ATICustomerCare.exe" No Startup Common C:\PROGRAM FILES\ArcSoft\TOTALMEDIA\TMMONITOR.EXE the last entry when running reads :: c:\progra~1\arcsoft\totalm~1\tmmoni~1.exe I cant start it or delete it. warns
  6. how about when we do "tools" and click on a line we can get the url/directory tree for it. ?? some of the stuff on my list I have no idea where they are. search comes up empty. a couple things were uninstalled prior but still come up on tools. a couple things would not let me delete from list. if I knew where they were I could go check them out and delete if necessary with explorer.
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