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  1. the startup had the label that matched my ccleaner listing (see original post) with the ~ shortend to 8 car. retyped it to full spelling. restarted - ccleaner listed it without the ! short version so that is WHERE it got the listing - but no binary's or digit labels in this reg-file that could be changed to allow delete in ccleaner. must be in some other binary list that only a master reg dude can figure out LOL but - still no changeing it from is current 'disabled' status to on or delete. further searching:: The ' all users ' ,'startup' folder only has 'desktop.ini' which has zip inside about any loads. the same with 'administrator',, 'default user' and named user. the 'disabled startup items' folder is empty. local service and network dont have zip either. used regseeker search :: C:\PROGRAM FILES\ArcSoft got 30 listings - 4 with "strings too long", so I couldnt tell what the end of the line should be. None listed ''tmmonitor.exe" after the \totalmedia\ did a search on just "tmmonitor.exe" - got 6 hits - All with {string too long} notes 5 in cuurent_user - one in local_machine ((wish regseeker would let me highlight and copy LOL)) list follows:: one from ProgramsCache - windows\currentversion\explorer\startpage\ one from IconStreams a "tray notify" and 3 "desktop" lines with different "itempos ...... and the local_machine is a software\microsft\win\CurVer\appmngt\arpcach\ - - zillion digit a/n title labeled as "SlowInfoCache" - - - - - Oh.. in the "start\all programs\start " folder - empty with only the desktop.ini ..BUT,, Did a search for "starup" - found 2 entries (out of 112) """ local_machine "" software\micro\shared tools\maconfig'starupfolder \c:^doc-settng^allusers . . . . . . . .^startmenu^programs^startup^TMMONITOR.lnk """ So.....at this point i am thinking to uninstall arcsoft and tm control - run ccleaner to see if its gone - run reg to clean out anything left from uninstall - this SHOULD get rid of it from ccleaner. then the pain to re install #$^^$ been doing this crap for another prob that cost me some bucks to fix and still comeing up with problems other (or maybe connected) than this. any more ideas LOL LOL
  2. So, how do I get it out of ccleaners startup list ?
  3. well, that didnt do much shared tools msconfig only list the one that is turned off. curr ver run msconfig shows everything EXCEPT the line I want LOL along with 'KEY run' which adds a pchealth line. LOL even tried to creat a folder ' progra~1 ' to add the sub folders etc guess ms didnt want the diff 'program files' and its shortnd version of 8 char at the same time LOL this seems like a hang up listing prob in ccleaner, cept when I ran msconfig it crated a line in startup and the bad line moved down and back up when I deleted the msconfig entry LOL
  4. the bottom line in question is not in the msconfig list. (I looked there before, and now again just to make sure i didnt miss it)
  5. ver 2.36.1233 on win xp pro w/sp2 Tools/startup -saved to txt file :: Yes HKLM:Run Alcmtr ALCMTR.EXE Yes HKLM:Run RTHDCPL RTHDCPL.EXE Yes HKLM:Run avast5 "D:\AVAST\avastUI.exe" /nogui Yes HKLM:Run TM Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\TMController.exe No HKLM:Run ATICustomerCare "C:\Program Files\ATI\ATICustomerCare\ATICustomerCare.exe" No Startup Common C:\PROGRAM FILES\ArcSoft\TOTALMEDIA\TMMONITOR.EXE the last entry when running reads :: c:\progra~1\arcsoft\totalm~1\tmmoni~1.exe I cant start it or delete it. warns me that I will be perm deleteing it - click okay nothing happens. where is ccleaner getting this list so I can delete it there ? MS used to have a folder where it kept this list of startups but unless its under some weird folder (gee ms never does that LOL) I cant find this list. any help ? ? ted
  6. how about when we do "tools" and click on a line we can get the url/directory tree for it. ?? some of the stuff on my list I have no idea where they are. search comes up empty. a couple things were uninstalled prior but still come up on tools. a couple things would not let me delete from list. if I knew where they were I could go check them out and delete if necessary with explorer.
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