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  1. After reading another Forum post about drives incorrectly detected as SSD I temporarily changed settings to enable SSD detection, removable drives, and unmounted drives. Defraggler Pro then displayed C: (SSD drive reserved for OS), D: (internal 1TB SATA hard drive), F: (external USB3 drive 2TB partition), G: (external USB3 Blu-ray Writer), and H: (virtual optical drive for mounting ISO and IMG files). When I selected either D or F, Defraggler Pro warning incorrectly identified selected drive as SSD, actually SATA drives. Drive E: is mapped memory slot for Canon PIXMA MX922 Mult
  2. Defraggler Professional Edition v2.22.995 (64-bit) just showed Update Available. Update downloaded and installed. When it reopened no drives were displayed. Setting exclude SSD, unmounted, and removed drives. However it normally displays my internal 1TB SATA hard drive partitions D; and E:, as well as Ext. USB 3.0 3TB hard drive F: (Defraggler Pro set Run as Administrator.) Shut > Restart but Defraggler Pro v2.22.995 (64-bit) still displays no drives.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a "bug" or if I don't understand how to use this feature. When I use Defraggler > Files or Defraggler > Search, when I right-click on a specific file and select Open Containing Folder nothing happens. No folder is opened, either in Defraggler nor Windows Explorer. A possibly related issue is that the specific file selected is in the $Recycle.Bin hidden folder on an external USB hard drive. There are multiple instances of this file even after the Recycle Bin has been emptied, and after running CCleaner > Analyze and Remove files with Empty Recycle Bin checke
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