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  1. I got ccleaner earlier today and kicked off the "Erase Free Space" process on my Mac with the "Zero Out" option, then went my merry way. I had almost 1TB of free (available) space on my "iMac" volume according to the Finder. I got home tonight and there's less than 100GB free space left on that volume and it's just going down down down (albeit slowly) with the "Securely erasing file" message sitting in the "Details" window. I did click "Stop" and then shut down the Mac and started it up again hoping that the mystery "large files" mentioned in another post would be gone, but they're not and I'm down to literally ~20GB as I write this. Starting ccleaner again and the "Erase Free Space" process again is just continuing to slowly drop my available space down, so I'm a bit panicked that it's going to hit some minimum threshold and my computer is just going to barf. Where are these temporary (I sure hope they're temporary) files that it's creating to then get rid of? At what point do I get back my ~1TB of free space I had BEFORE using this product? So far, NOT a happy camper!!!
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