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  1. Thanks. I thought I had looked everywhere to find that setting, then decided that it must have been in an older version of the gui, but that the CCleaner updates had retained the setting. Here are the settings you refer to. For some reason, I was expecting the setting to be in the "custom cleaning" settings for each browser.
  2. When I close Opera, CClean automatically cleans it. When I close any of my other browsers--Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome, or IE--CCleaner will pop up and tell me that the browser has closed, and, for a few seconds, if I wish, I can click on the blue "Click here to clean" in order to clean the browser. Where is the setting in CCleaner to automatically clean a given browser when it closes? The image I've attached is of the CCleaner gui with the browser cleaning options showing, and you'll notice that the settings are identical for Firefox and Opera. Superimposed on that image are the CCleaner me
  3. I got the same error starting late last night. This is with CCleaner Pro on a Win8.1 64-bit system. On the 9th, I had restored my system to a couple-of-month-old Macrium Reflect image,, and the old version of CCleaner on that image updated itself to v5.59.7230, I ran Windows Update on the 10th. I had only started looking at CCleaner's software updater recently, since I've been using the free Glary Utilities for quite some time to keep tabs on what needs updating, but I did finally notice that CCleaner does watch some programs that Glary doesn't. I do not normally allow any 3rd-party softw
  4. I just got that "error opening file," but it came when I allowed CCleaner to try and update itself. To fix it, though, I didn't have to uninstall it or do anything fancy: all I had to do was to download the installer separately and then run it. However, there was one peculiarity. My natural instinct was, before running the installer directly, to go to the task manager and kill CCleaner, since, 99.99% of the time, that kind of problem would be that the installer couldn't close a file that was in use (or else that an anti-malware program was "helping" by preventing the system change.) However, C
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