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  1. Your fix worked like a charm after resetting permissions.
  2. TY DjLizard...All or most of them are HKCR entries, that I do know. I fully appreciate the help, I'll tell you how it goes in a couple of days. BTW, after a quick scan over of the tools and tips on DAF...All I can say is "Nice Tool Bro!" Thanks Again. Cg _______________________________________________________________________________________ On second thought...After reading these; I have a question....System OS; XP Pro SP2 (Do I need the Light or Medium DAF?) One says XP Pro needs Light, the other says to "Re-set Permissions" use the Medium...? ______________________________________
  3. Hi, new poster here in CCleaner's Forum... BTW, Thank you to the makers of CCleaner...Your Program is the best and I (and my many, many of my customers), use it many times daily! I have a customer's multiple user family box that was infected bigtime. They let the AV lapse for a year and 5 months (138 viruses & trojans, thousands of spyware items removed and I broke out the cat-o-nine-tails already, lol)...Husband surfs porn sites, daughter is a big Sims item downloader among many other games). The box shows clean using 2 different on machine AV's (installed separately of course
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