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  1. I would like to thank you guys TheFiresInTheSky and JDpower for the hint.I was excpecting a button up some where.to answer your question why I want to do that,I just like to select and see what it finds in Issues option being an IT guy I like to see what the ccleaner is finding/deleting
  2. Thanks for the hint but I want to deselect all and choose just few to fix/delete
  3. I would like to see an option on scan window that gives me the option to select all(default is all now) and deselect in this way I can just pick what I want to fix/delete instead of going to the whole list and removing the ticks which can be pages and pick those which I would like to remove.thanks.
  4. I am using latest version of ccleaner v1.31.325 My OS Windows XP pro SP2 I used your program to clean log files,caches,..but not the Issues option yet The next day I was continuing working,my screen went black,but my pc was running.I had to reboot twice to make it start at the backgroung the pc was running and windows loading. I checked event viewer and saw that my system file was marked with red x and said the file is corrupt.I did not have any issues with my pc before and wondering if this is known bug if not maybe in your next issue you can fix it. Strange do you have any explainati
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