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  1. Compliments ! To the makers of Ccleaner : It should be implemented in Windows to clean out the crap MS i leaving behind in it's own SW and other crap from installing 3.parts programs. Hope they buy you out for some billions I've used Ccleaner for as long as it has existed, and never experienced that is has deleted usefull inventories anywhere on my computers. Not even when I enteret the Window 8 preliminarys - and now, same expirience with Windows 10. I also have some old programs - I presume not longer approved. It has been a pleasure using it. Due to several warnings given in this fora
  2. I discovered that WUDFRd is serviced in the Computer Management/Services. I went at last into services.msc and opened alot of them before I found that in : Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework, the startup type was set to "manual". I changed the startup type to "Automatic", restarted, and plugged a dongel into USB3 and i worked ! It will now show up as "Automatic(trigger start)" So I looked into it out my other computers. They are all set to "manual" and USB3 works fine. Why is a puzzel - may be due to lack of some CPU instructions, is't a small 17W CPU ? Or ? The Ccleaner
  3. Tanks hazelnut. Very helpful - I will look intoit during the day. Could be that Ccleaner has no part init......
  4. I'm now back in W8.1. I haven't checked out EV for a hvile : Event viewer marks out with yellow warning ID 219, and has done so for a long time I can see. The driver\driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device SWD\WPDBUSENUM\_??_USBSTOR#disk&ven_SANDISK - - - lots of signs. Sandisk is my memorydongle. Hope this may help ?
  5. I also said that my inquiery is NOT about W10 ! W10 was mentionet bacause that is how I discovered that Ccleaner were responsible for removing USB3 in W8.1. So please - stik to the question. And please again : Does somebody know how to rectifie ?
  6. Sorry for explanationshortness. USB3 has been gone for some time on this small mediaPc running W8.1. USB2 working ok. So today I installed W 10 to Discover that USB3 worked. That is until I run CCleaner - both ways - to clean some emty folders a.s.o. So dont look at this issue as a W 10. It is as much a W8.1 issue. I can easely replace SSD and get W8.1 back as it was.
  7. - - - om my small mediaPc. Har been so ahvile. Today I installed Windows 10 pre. And USB3 worked OK ! Later I run Ccleaner - and it went lost again. So thats the killer ? Anybody expirienced this - and what to do With it ? Running an SFC now, but Iv' done that before - no result. regards Finn
  8. After upgrading to W8.1 the problem are gone. But it is not possible to clean the Cookies. Bay be in the next edition ? I will also appologize for the turbulence I created by not beeing precise and giving enough info at the beginning of my post.
  9. Reminding, there it is nothing wrong With or while running CC.
  10. This type : http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download In order to clean and show hin howto. What will a debug do ? Sounds like searcing for bugs and remoove them ? Don't need to do that.
  11. This is a smallform mobo I got from a friend. I have run SFC several times and files should be ok. One red mark that I not have managed to rectifie : ID 137, Altred CPU in restingperiod for memory type (MTRR) This may reduce performance on resume - probably bad translation from Norwegian. But this is no co-timing with opening CC. Opening other programs has no timedelay. I just installed new updates from MS and it did not alter this issue. CC version is 4.06.4324 - 64bit De-bug run of CC I have no expirience with. Please explain eventual bad consequenses, if any. This is turning
  12. Hazelnut - I apriciate Your effort tracing the topic. Did this issue start happening after Septembers Windows updates? Yes. What do you have ccleaner set to do at startup? No startup at boot. Does the same delay happen with ccleaner if you run it at other times? Yes. Do you have any Winapp2.ini entries? No. Do you have any security software running in realtime? Just the implemented Security. NAT, firewall in rooter. Strict policy. Running EI10 no coocies only th accsepted in prioritylist. How do you ensure you are virus/malware free ? Netscanners, HiJack this and so on
  13. MTA forumregulator. Why don't you stick to topic ? Lack of answers ? O'course I'm using OS as intended by Microsoft. And I am capabel of detecting and remooving unwanted SW. And yes, I have programs doing That. And Yes, I am the onley user - it is a PersonalComputer ? And yes, I had expected more.....
  14. Thanks for answering to this topic. I'm aware of W8 delayed starting process. Topic happens all the time. And I have no installed AntiVirus - I do fine withoutit This happened after an W8 update, but i don't know if there is a connection there. Seemes like I'm alone on this topic - are there other issues that may effect the upstart time ?
  15. Running W8 on AMD. CCL allways worked fine on this set, but from a few weeks ago it takes a looong time from klick on screen logo until CCL show. (app. 10sek.) Maybe something With an W8 update at that time ? Any suggestions ? Regards
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