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  1. i did uninstall winfax by way of the uninstaller, could it have taken everything else? What can i do? CAn i install norton go back or is it to late? Help!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2000 dose not have restore points. I think when some deleted the cookies they may have gone to the uninstaller instead , is that possibe. All my programs are missing.
  3. RegisterFile0=C:\WINNT\system32\Mfc42.dll
  4. invalid boot.ini booting from c:\winnt i tried to repair and it will not allow, it says it must have a 2000 installation to be able to repair. What can i do! Help!
  5. I am running windows 2000 pro, and yes CCleaner did this. I contacted Dell for support but they could not help. I just need my information back. These are business files i need. If anyone can help it would be greatly!!!!!!!!!!! appreciated. Thanks so much My computer does boot up, i am able to go into safe mode and the desktop. All my icons except a few are missing. When it boots it says invalid boot.ini booting from c: winnint
  6. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My files and programs are gone, i am still able to boot with this message: Invalid boot.ini Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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