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  1. Thank you very much Hazelnut, most appreciated and I sure hope it's fixed soon Hiya Hulk, I thought I had actually, but just in case it's not clear the thing about MRU's is that they are only a Most Recently Used list of files/folders etc that you have recently opened with Windows or a particular program etc. The projects.ini file is a settings file not a recently opened file. This holds the pathways to a .cpf file that is created when we make a new Website Project within the HTML Editor. This holds all of our settings for our project such as pathway to the main directory holding the files for that website project, ftp settings so we can upload our website files directly from HTML Editor as well as settings for how to treat file dependencies for the project. When we create a new Website Project it makes the program create the new .cpf file and our Website Project is added to an ongoing list of projects we have setup. This list is maintained in the projects.ini file. It's a setting file it's not a cache that needs to be cleared. Hope that helps explain it better.
  2. No worries, and yeah I already did the uncheck for myself, but my main consern is more for the users that I and many others help on CoffeeCups forums that are most likely going to lose their Website Projects file as soon as they run Ccleaner next time or update it that is and run it. For many it's not a big deal, but many of these people have no idea what they are doing on their own computers (let alone building a website) so there's no way for us to be "sure" they know to untick that option prior to running it. All we can do is hope they see the posts saying to do so. Other than that... I understand the concept of user forums, that's what CoffeeCups forums are also, but why have a bug forum if devs aren't reading it? I wouldn't have posted it at all had I realized it was just a user forum. Usually when a forum has a section for "bugs" it's because they are monitoring it. Sorry also if I came off short, just such a frustrating 2 weeks of trying to replicate something in CoffeeCup's HTML Editor that wasn't possible to replicate in it since it wasn't the issue lol. I am sure you can understand my frustrations. Anyways, I hope someone from the team here is reading these forums and knows what is going on. I can get others to post here if it would help, but I don't know if it would or not. I just know it's a pretty nasty issue and one that shouldn't have been an issue to start with as it shouldn't be removing necessary settings files.
  3. My apologies for forgetting the "CoffeeCup" part of the program name, I had assumed that someone that works with this program would know what they added recently, my mistake sorry. I'm also assuming that none of you answering are actually devs with the program? If you are please clarify as it's very hard to tell from the forum titles. Truly a dev is the only one that needs to deal with this though, if you're not then your answers are pretty well, useless for the most part. No offense meant to any of you at all, it's just that if you aren't a dev with the program, you can't help with this issue. I don't need verifiers, I've got a couple dozen of them already, I just need it fixed. It's not something that the "user" should have to fix if the program is deleting necessary program files. Anyways, there's no need to get nasty at me for forgetting to furnish the full name, it was an honest mistake.
  4. This file is part of CoffeeCup HTML Editor program. It is the file that holds all of the Website Projects that we setup for building websites. In other words, this file has a separate pathway setup for each project we have so we can just choose a project from our list of projects to open. This saves us a ton of time so we don't have to navigate windows explorer to the location of the directories of our files each time we want to change to a different site to work on. I am very sure it's treating this file as if it were an MRU although I don't know why. The HTML Editor was recently added to the change log of Ccleaner so it's definitely something specifically added: Release notes v3.15.1643 (25 Jan 2012) - Added Chrome Canary Omnibox search shortcut cleaning. - Added option to only clean Recycle Bin files deleted more than 24 hours ago. - Improved Firefox History cleaning. - Improved Analysis results for Firefox and Chrome cookies and cache. - Improved Driver Wiper feedback for successful operations. - Improved thread synchronization algorithm to avoid possible deadlocks. - Updated Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning. - Updated Chrome Canary Saved Passwords cleaning. - Updated Aurora History cleaning. - Added cleaning for Camtasia Studio 7.0, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, Ashampoo Burning Studio 11, Any Video Converter Ultimate, ConvertXToDVD, Freemake Video Downloader, Audio Converter and Video Converter. - Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files and MS Search. - Improved file size detection algorithm for Recycle Bin. - Minor bug fixes. It's fine that it's cleaning things, it's just NOT even close to fine that it's cleaning the projects.ini file out of the CoffeeCup HTML Editor settings. This is a very needed file and definitely needs to be fixed. Scott from CoffeeCup software has already contacted people here and they are saying they can't do anything about it. This is not acceptable. This is intrusive to say the least. I love the Ccleaner program, and I have no problem "MYSELF" unchecking the program box for it to not clean that program at all, but there are a lot of HTML Editor users (and who knows what other software it will interfere with from CoffeeCup) that do not understand a lot of this, and it's extremely not right that you "expect" them to uncheck it after the fact. After it cleans out all of our projects (trust me I have had it happen every other day for the past 2 weeks, and I've had to repopulate my projects list every time until we figure out Ccleaner was deleting that file. It's not a request to fix this, this is a requirement or we will have to stop suggesting this program for people at CoffeeCup when they have issues. We are constantly recommending this program and most of the people that we recommend it to have no idea what it's all about, all they usually know is it's going to clean their browser cache for them. We shouldn't have to give them a crash course on the program to keep them from losing vital files to the HTML Editor. Just Sayin'... yeah it's a sore spot as I've done nothing but eat, sleep and test to find this issue for 2 weeks lol. Please fix it. I'm sure it can't be all that hard for you to put a check in for the projects.ini file for the HTML Editor program. You entered the HTML Editor program for cleaning, so you must have told it what to clean.
  5. Hiya, I have actually been trying to help replicate an issue with the HTML Editor software only to find out it was the Ccleaner software causing our issue. Since the HTML Editor has recently changed how they install their program and since you recently added the HTML Editor to your list of programs to clean it has been removing a very vital file for production within the program. I don't know how you set up your program to look for things to clean, but it's cleaning out the : projects.ini file which is a very important file to this program. This file keeps a list of all of our projects so we can open and close them easily. I think your program is treating it similar to an MRU file which it most definitely is not. Please adjust your software to not include this file (really not sure why it's cleaning anything in the HTML Editor at all for that matter as none of it is really an issue to remove at all). I am aware that we can uncheck this, but we've been trying for 2 weeks now to track down why some people are losing their Website Projects list and only accidentally came across this being the issue. If I and a couple others were not avid users of your program (meaning we use it very often to almost daily) we would never have tracked this down). This isn't something a lot of users are going to be aware of that they need to uncheck that program from cleaning. Removing the above file from the cleaning list would be the easiest and best solution to keep those that aren't that computer saavy from having to lose their setups. Thanks for your assistance and we do hope to see this fix in the near future.
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