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  1. Really? A new release and still showing the same bug... CCleaner screwed up thunderbird again, thankfully I had profile backup as I had a slight feeling it was still there. mm, back to Ccleaner 3.18.1707. I just might switch to kcleaner if it does not produce any results as ccleaner does. Been using ccleaner as long as it's been out. Just gonna lose a long time user.
  2. I had went back to ccleaner 2.18 as 2.19 kept doing something to thunderbird, where everytime thunderbird starts, the message pane would reappear on thunderbird. Deleting localstore.rdf in thunderbird profile worked, but right when running ccleaner 3.19 again, the message pane is back. Guys, ccleaner is {messing} up applications, which ain't good. I had my thunderbird profile backed up numerous, if it wasn't I'd be one pisssed off person. Better fix this, and I bet real soon, this thread is gonna pile up with the same problem. Give it a week. Stop ccleaner from corrupting localstore.rdf in thunderbird.
  3. To reproduce. Right click ccleaner pinned icon on taskbar, click run ccleaner, immediately, right click ccleaner pinned icon on taskbar again and click Registry. Results are the attached screenshot.
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