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  1. thats the one mate!!! thank you so much!!! how incompetend is microsoft support, suggesting me to reinstall winXP, instead of showing me this link...
  2. guys thanx again for tryin to help!!! > Are you referring to MS Support by phone? yes > Third-Party Products That Conflict with Windows Update - link broken please find the end of the log attached i havent posted it to WGA forums yet... problem is: error 0x80240020 ServiceID + SID i have xxxxxxx-ed-out (i dont know if this is the product key info you were writin about) also i've tried the windows checkup list - link ... no luck (i am using spybot, tried also disabling start-ups, in safemode and not, error 0x8007043C) hope this is enough info... WinUpdLog.txt WinUpdLog.txt
  3. so what should i do then? is there any way to add WuWebControlClass? maybe then its gonna work... PS thanks for tryin to help!!!
  4. all right guys! microsoft suport told me CCleaner is the problem and all i have to do in order to fix it is reinstall winXP!!! are they nuts? then i searched the web, and found this forum. have read all the topics about it, tried all thats been suggested,... still no sucess... any idea/suggestion? for example in IE-Options-Programs-Addons there should be the WuWebControlClass i think... i dont have it... instead there is a MuWebControlClass...? is that correct? please help! thanks in advance!!! deeno
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