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  1. Yes. Big list in "C:\Users\my username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\low\cookie name[/b]" But they don't show up in CCleaner so I can save the ones I want and then allow CCleaner to delete all cookies but hose saved. So for now I have to leave cookies unchecked inCCleaner or lose all my cookies including the ones I want to save for user ID and password sites. I'm om a new comuter with Vista Basic and IE7. I didn't have this problem on the old computer with XP and IE6
  2. I have a new computer with Vista and IE7. I used CCleaner with my old computer with XP and IE6. I have certain "good" cookies I want to keep since they are the user ID and password for sites I bring up. The cookies for these sites used to show up in CCleaner and I would move them to the right side to save them. That way I could check the box to delete cookies to get rid of the rest. Now they are not coming up for me to save. I don't want to check the delete cookies box then because I will also delete the good cookies. Is this a result of Vista and IE7 or a problem with CCleaner? My problem is with IE7 I can no longer go into options and bring up cookies in order to keep the good and delete the rest. So maybe I have two problems.
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