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  1. Alan B, THANK YOU ! for your instructions works great ! GRATEFUL !
  2. Nergal, sorry ... as I have difficulty seeing and typing in smaller font. thank you for advice using CCleaner's Registry section.
  3. Super Fast, thank you for your suggestion will give this a try. the specific log in cookie would be found in my browser apon reaching the sign in page ? this is the cookie I would need to put in saved list ?
  4. CS Galloway, this happens for this site only log on forum.piriform.com ???
  5. Super Fast, sorry as I was not clear, to clariify the sign in page on Piriform is what I meant. ( Using IE 9 ) it is checked to remember me. but each time I must sign in again ? http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login
  6. Hello CSGalloway, No I don't know how to disk check ? what would this tell me ? TY
  7. Thanks all for your inputs so helpful and with detailed explanations of slim version like that as not bloating up with stuff don't need just to use a program. Also why when I sign in here and remember me is checked but it doesn't remember? must enter both user ID and my password ?
  8. Thank You so much for instructions My current version is v3.17 1688 Is the slim version free ? does it clean as thoughly as what I have ?
  9. Thank You for the replys will give it a go for new version. does filehippo have "slim version" CCleaner ? not real sure what is meant by slim version
  10. Thank You so much for your reply. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit. ? don't know my version of CCleaner. need instructions where to find this out please. tropicalgal
  11. Hello, I have read the threads and tried all various ways suggested here, still my Verizon Webmail username and password is deleted. even done the Intelligent Cookie Scan as well. I'm using IE 9 my CCleaner version is 2 yrs old. Any help is very much appreciated. tropicalgal
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