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  1. Have taken the following steps; Removed Speccy 1.14.288 and reinstalled same - no change Both opticals are IDE so I changed the ribbon cable (80 connector type) - no change Changed IDE from Primary to Secondary connector on MOBO, and checked BIOS settings - no change Researched for any XP System event alerts - there are none Removed Speccy 1.14.288 and installed 1.13.276 - no change Ran WinUtilities app version 10.4 and can see both drives fine CDR0 - AOpen 12x DVD-ROM CDR1 - AOpen Com5232/AAH Pro (combo DVD-ROM/CD writer)
  2. Have version 1.14.288 loaded and on a XP-SP3 computer the optical drive module gives this error message during the scan process. Optical Drives Unknown system error: 0x80041004 The drives (2) appear to be working ?? correctly as I can see them in Win Explorer. I would like to be able to see the details in Speccy. Any suggestions?
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