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  1. I am currently running 5.47.6716 and when I start CC I am prompted to download a new version 5.48.... When I elect to download and install the new version all that happens is that the download occurs and then nothing else. The newly downloaded version does not execute unlike every previous version I have been prompted to download in the same manner. What gives????
  2. Today I performed a scan with MalWareBytes (free) and it notified I was also infected with Floxif Malware (see scan result attached) I am using CCleaner 5.34.6207 Professional and I did not receive such a notification when I did a scan only last week. I am not sure when my CCleaner was upgraded to 5.34 but I can only assume that it was done automatically with me being aware. Since I instructed MWbytes to remove the offending entries I am hoping that I don't get the same result next tine I do a scan. If the malware was included with the CCleaner upgrade then how did it get into the system? Sorry about the omission of the uploaded file - my inexperience as a newbie It is attached now...
  3. I just ran a registry cleanout with CCleaner and found only two entries so I deleted them and then verified again there were no new entries. I then ran the old faithful ToniArts Regcleaner and found 28 dead entries. These were mainly for a trial of Pegasus Mail and some recent Windows updates. I had previously uninstalled Pegasus Mail because it wouldn't work on my system. I would have thought that CCleaner would have picked up these entries. Easycleaner_REG.htm
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