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    Encoded files

    My laptop had to be wiped to factory defaults because of a windows problem, and I lost some files I need. When I had done a factory default, I ran Recuva to try and locate the files (documents). It found one that I'd lost, but it is encoded; how do I restore it back to normal text? The file is attached. BP Share Record p1.doc
  2. tommy2k10

    Recycle Bin

    I have got the problem, all of a sudden, of Windows XP deleting files first time instead of putting them in the Recycle Bin, which I think I have got a solution for, but can Recuva recover the files that are stuck in the Recycle Bin (if they are still in Windows obviously?)
  3. Yes I have, it says it found and repaired some errors, but I am still getting a Disk Health warning from Defraggler!
  4. I am troubleshooting a laptop for my friend. One of my eliminations is Defragging. Before I run the Defrag, I always Analyse. However, when I first start Defraggler, it says DISK HEALTH: ERRORS (see screenshot) When I run the Disk Benchmark, after analysis, it says there are no major errors on the disk. The Seagate disk test runs fine! I have taken a screenshot of the Health tab as well.
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