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  1. Yep, that would work. I did read another post about the GUI and it said that major work is being done to update it and make such things as I mentioned much more easy to read. Thanks for the reply. Cheers.
  2. Maybe it's my monitor, or my eyesight, but I've felt that the words, "To be Removed" are too small and too faint. I've often been distracted while using CCleaner and when I return I'm not sure if I've actually hit "Run Cleaner" or still need to perform the cleanup. It only take a second to see what the case is, but I think it would improve the program if those word stood out more. Cheers.
  3. Hi, I have a very low spec laptop which slows to a crawl while performing multiple tasks. Probably the worst instance is when attempting to browse while Malwarebytes is performing a scan. It impacts on page loading and almost any other task I may happen to perform, like opening a simple text file in Notepad. I've been happy with Windows 8 option to defrag while ilde as I feel this will not impact on my tasks at hand. However, I see that Defraggler has an option labelled "Background". I'd prefer to use defraggler as it's undoubtedly superior, but I'm concerned about the overall impact i
  4. In that case, why would the default setting be set as not to stop the vss? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Without too much 'techno-babble', could someone explain why I would want to stop the vss. Is it because active vss during defrag might mess up restore points? Thanks.
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