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  1. Ughh, almost two years from my last post. Seems topic is dead, but I write it anyway.

    Today was released CCleaner for Mac v1.15 and there is one thing which is pay attention for me: "Fixed issue preventing CCleaner from running on macOS Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)"

    I still use 10.6.8 on my work and this string in changelog give me a hope. I install 1.15... but no luck. Just not running.

    Like in previous message I roll back to 1.12 which work fine for me.

    I understand that 10.6.8 is absolutely outdated but I use it for some reasons on my work.

  2. Hello!


    Thanks for you wonderful app! I'm using it on PC for thousand years and last two years on Mac. Few last version work fine, but very last v1.13 don't even launch. No error messages, just nothing happen when I try to run it. Does it still support OS X 10.6? I'm running 10.6.8.


    Roll back to v1.12 and it's work fine.

  3. Congrats!


    Secondly... we're not forgetting our core set of home users, so we're hard working on 2 new titles to satisfy your demand for free, high-quality, compact software! :)We're not giving away any details yet, as features and titles haven't been finalized, but we'll post all the info as and when we set the release dates.

    Keep working, guys. Your products are best. :)

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