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  1. It seems better to me (but who am I) that they leave it unchecked and let the user decide if he/she wants to check it or not. Now, when I install it on other computers I have to remember to uncheck it everytime.
  2. Search is still working and sfc /scannow does not solve everyting, in this case is does nothing. I know that, I wrote that. The only thing is that I reported it, so someone can do something about it to fix it.
  3. First of all, I've been using CCleaner for many years now and never had a complaint about the program. Unfortunately now I do. Somewhere in the end of Sempteber there was an update of CCleaner and then the problem began. My log files were filled with critical errors about Windows Search. Every day the database was corrupt. I tried everything I knew, rebuilding the database, new indexing, removing IE from the list of indexing, but nothing worked. Every day my logfiles filled after startup with this: (the first log entry source is from ESENT, all subsequent ones from Search) ------------------
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