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  1. Thanks for the update! Two missed posts: - #2244 (Additional FileKey for JDownloader Logs) - #2251 (Modified entry, changed LangSecRef)
  2. Thanks for the update! Entry with a typo:
  3. Modified entry: (Fixed wrong path.)
  4. Great! Thanks for the bugfix. One entry was missed: - #2090 (Modified entry [belarc*])
  5. Found another typo: And a thought: I think the new entries with "Documents and Settings" keys won't work on a non-English Windows XP, because the folder names depend on the installed language. Sadly there are no environment variables or links for some of the system folders. You have to rewrite those entries for your installed language.
  6. Thanks for the huge update! Only one post was missed: - #2090 (Modified entry [belarc*]) Some entries with typos:
  7. @ Bluefoot & RichardKing: Thanks for your replies. Here is the bug report for the developers: The installer creates a shortcut with wrong properties: The option “Run this program as an administrator” on the tab “Compatibility” has to be unselected! Please fix this bug with the next version. Thank you!
  8. Sorry, but you are wrong. Starting with Windows Vista the "desktop.ini" files also include language references [LocalizedFileNames]. The new recreated files don't include those language references anymore. That's why some of the start menu entries changed their names. CC doing nothing wrong.
  9. You can only use a name once. Two or more entries with the same name are not possible, even if they are in different sections. Adding Firefox or Thunderbird to the name is the best solution. Because you can't use wildcards (*) in a DetectFile line, there is no other way to detect those add-ons.
  10. No need to apologize. You are working on the winapp2.ini in your valuable free time and missing something can just happen.
  11. Thank you very much for the huge update! 2 posts were missed: - #2032 (New entry [Microsoft Visio 2010*], warning for [icon Cache*]?) - #2052 (Modified entry [Amsn*]) Thanks again!
  12. I just can say that all my installations I have done uses "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" on a 64 bit Windows.
  13. Ok, I have no more ideas why CC shows this behaviour on your system, sorry. You can check if this behaviour also occurs when you start "CCleaner64.exe" directly out of the programs folder (C:\Program Files\CCleaner). But I think the developers have to investigate the problem.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Did you check the properties of CCleaner's shortcut? ("Advanced Properties" > "Run as Administrator" should be unchecked.)
  15. @saad2011: Thanks for your reply. New entry:
  16. Did you test it with unselected option “Skip User Account Control Warning”? On my system it works flawless with a standard (restricted) user account.
  17. Thank you for your reply. I just listed the missed posts and didn't check them for mistakes, sorry! Maybe saad2011 can tell us why he added this FileKey.
  18. Thanks for the update. But you accidentally missed following posts/entries again. Is it possible that you release a "hotfix" update, please? Missed posts: - #1824 (2 new entries: [Xmarks Sync Log*], [HTC Sync*]) - #1875 (2 modified entries: [Apple Installer Cache*], [DivX Player*]) - #1879 (new entry: [NetworkService Temps*]) - #1926 (modified "JDownloader" entries) - #1942 (modified entry: [Freemake Video Downloader More*]) - #1959 (modified entry: [Config.msi Folder*]) - #1960 (3 new entries: [Emsisoft HiJackFree*], [ultraDefrag Portable (Log)*], [Windows ESENT Process (MRU)*]) Modified entry: Modified entry: Rename suggestion: - Please rename [TuneUp XP*] to [TuneXP*]. Missing blank lines: - Above the entry [Windows Audio/Video (Stats)*] is a blank line missing. - Above the entry [WinHasher*] is a blank line missing.
  19. Thank you very much for the update. Missed posts: #1824 (2 new entries) #1875 (2 modified entries) #1877 (modified entry) #1879 (new entry "NetworkService Temps") #1926 (modified "JDownloader" entries) #1942 (modified entry) Modified entry: Modified entry: Please rename [TuneUp XP*] to [TuneXP*]. And above the entry [Windows Audio/Video (Stats)*] is a blank line missing.
  20. I can't confirm this behaviour. CC starts without a password prompt on my system (Win7 Pro. X64). But I unselect the new option “Skip User Account Control Warning” always. Maybe this option causes your problem?
  21. Thanks for the big update! Missed entries: #1824 Modified entry: Entry with typo: I think you can remove the entry ;[Macromedia Flashplayer*], because it seems that the RegKey doesn't exist anymore.
  22. Strange, iTunes showed this behaviour only after I removed the empty subfolders from the cache folder. That's why the entry doesn't remove the subfolders and deletes the files only. Anyway I think it's better to add a warning line for this special case, instead of removing the entry. I never had problems with QuickTime and iTunes until now. Warning=You have to reinstall iTunes after adding a new windows user account. Thanks for your information. I don't use this entry. So the creator of the entry should comment this please. My suggestion is that entries for deleting setup files should be separate entries always. So everybody will be happy. [Windows Live Messenger Setup Files*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger Warning=After running this, you will not be able to uninstall Windows Live Essentials components without downloading the installer again. Default=False FileKey1=%LocalLowAppData%\Microsoft\Windows Live\Setup|*.*|REMOVESELF
  23. Can you tell us why, please? The "Apple Installer Cache" entry does not prevent updates or an uninstallation. Thanks for your modified entries.
  24. Thanks for the update. Missed entries / suggestions: #1695 #1690 I found some typos: And does anybody know if the backslash before "Last_Machine_Connections" is correct on RegKey4? Shouldn't it be a pipe | symbol?
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