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  1. CustomLocation1=CHROME|path_to_user_profile https://forum.piriform.com/search/?q=CustomLocation1=CHROME
  2. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/691043c8082ce0a496c58e4cb54e1d578af49d2f https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/510b6601a93fe790455d973ac50d6819bdde8fbf
  3. Thanks for the revised entries. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/f0e1a8c704a7192200523185e1931b5cfe2bb8c7
  4. This entry [Firefox Stored HSTS Cookies Extras *] is in the "Removed entries.ini" file, because CCleaner can clean up the "SiteSecurityServiceState.txt" file itself. (https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51568-cookies-visible-to-ccleaner-but-not-to-firefox-settings/?tab=comments#comment-299024) CCleaner can clean up that file also (CCleaner modifies the SQLite database directly). If there are still traces left, you could report them to Piriform.
  5. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/5ed5a4ef1661016048b105b0a63373d21a9a2140
  6. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/306ba37546b11e5e426734a42bcb4773c04e4881 Winapp3.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/295f285dbccb3872bcde9e7d32658446bec9a1e6
  7. Thanks for the new entry. The location of the backups (FileKey3) seems to be user-defined (not everybody has a second partition D). Therefore, we can add FileKey1 and 2 only.
  8. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/3e63e7e7b52912519422df4bbc113343e85af0fe https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/777627bd0551a0ae30bf63c253dd15b042b59b11
  9. Thanks for the revised entries. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/d67fd8de127430428ec028c98ec916731315f3bc
  10. If you remove the key "VirtualStore" you will remove settings of old legacy applications (coded for Windows XP and older) or wrong coded applications. You can see it on siliconman01s screenshot. And the Microsoft documentation explains it also: Here you can find a more detailed explanation: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2007.06.uac.aspx (Piriform could improve CCleaner, so that it checks the HKLM RegKeys also under HKCU\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE. Unfortunately, they never react on those feature requests.)
  11. As far as I know, this is a combined entry for the Store App of Windows 8/8.1 and 10. Your revised version would work on Windows 10 only! WinStore_cw5n1h2txyewy = Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe = Windows 10 And about the FileKey4 of your revised version:
  12. We had discussed this in March already. Some quotes: It is similar to the ExcludeKeys of the entry Chrome [Logs *]: most of the Chrome extensions are working flawless without them, but not all.
  13. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/e770f8e96da2e2146eb393e0c64818989e73ed7a https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/4688b19a2be53effa49e30064b42c1b9a6fc6808
  14. I'm not sure if people will understand something like "Office Hub" if the displayed name of the app is still "My Office"?
  15. The new Beta looks good, but I found a little bug on the "Privacy" page: If you left-click a second time (anywhere), some parts of the text just disappear. You need to change the language to German to see the bug. And still not fixed: crashing in Windows Safe Mode (boot option 4)...
  16. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/7a50baabb3396a35701e7a192c3fff29427c0166
  17. Thank you for your renewed revision. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/e285b8012e7e849512ad96cc5210331b0c823dee Thank you for your information.
  18. @SMalik: Before we get caught in an endless discussion , I revised the entry [Microsoft Edge *] again. Now it matches exactly with the files shown on your screenshot. If the entry is ok for you now, please test it. And could you please test the new Chrome entry [Logs Old *] also? Any idea for a better entry name? I will wait for your reply before updating the Winapp2.ini. Thanks! [Microsoft Edge *] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKCU\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppModel\SystemAppData\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Packages\M
  19. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/1d044ed823bdd5c86752db10eb4632c45844598d
  20. Thanks for testing and your reply.
  21. No, the "policy" is that backups should not mixed with other files and that they should have their own entry always. Please check the Winapp2.ini and you will find many backup entries. The community decided not to include backups of security programs (and things like registry cleaners), because that could possibly damage important system functions. Please see siliconman01s reply also. We don't use those (winsys.ini) LangSecRefs because the entries don't appear under the correct section in CCleaner (e.g. tab "Windows", section "Microsoft Edge"). Unfortunately, they appear at the
  22. Edit: Before answering, please see my latest post. Thanks. The changed entry doesn't remove more files as before! It still doesn't remove the files "spartan.edb", "spartan.jfm" and "LogFiles\edb.log"! I just changed the pattern of the FileKey, therefore the ExcludeKeys aren't necessary anymore. The bug was caused by removing the file "edb.chk", that's why I changed the pattern of the FileKey. Summary: The entry removes exactly the same files as before, but additionally protects one more file. If you compare both versions you will see that also! This is more precise and removes the
  23. Ok, I hope I found the problem. It was a strange interaction between the "DBStore" cleaning and CCleaners own entries "Session" and "Set Aside Tabs". Could you please test this new version of Winapp2.ini: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/4ec7fb3015146eae459c33b0ad8ba809edb59c83/Winapp2.ini If the problems are gone, I will made it public. Thanks again!
  24. Thanks for your fast reply and your help. I made some tests on another computer and was able to reproduce the issue now, but only once. I hope I will find the culprit, otherwise we have to remove the "DBStore" cleaning again.
  25. The Chrome issue should be clear. This can be fixed by just adding the ExcludeKeys again. It seems that there are still Chrome extensions that need the ExcludeKeys. The Edge problem is weird. I don't think it is caused by the new "UrlBlock" or the "Recovery" FileKeys. And the old "DBStore" FileKey and ExcludeKeys were used for a long time. Can you please check if your trimmed Winapp2.ini includes the 3 ExcludeKeys? And that the spartan.edb file doesn't get removed? Thanks!
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